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My January KnitPicks order arrived!

Hey Everyone!

A week ago I had ordered some Yarn from KnitPicks. It finally arrived today! I ordered more of the KnitPicks Palette Yarns in 11 different colors. I have been anxiously awaiting this order and had been checking the tracking multiple times a day to see where it was in the trip from Ohio. 

While there are a couple of lighter colors, this round of sock yarn purchased just reinforced my love for darker and natural colors. Especially for socks that I plan to use for boot socks for hiking, I prefer the neutral / natural colors, and more foresty/outdoorsy colors. 

I am currently working on my first pair of socks using the Palette Yarn. It is working up really nicely, and is super soft, which I was not expecting beings that it is 100% Wool. 

I had also ordered a set of blocking boards and some T pins, for when I need to block items I have knit up and subsequently washed, in order to shape them while damp, then let them dry in that shape so the garment will better hold its shape. 

Until I had started making items for myself, I had never blocked anything, but now that I have knit items for myself and blocked them, I love it and finally understand the point of it. 

The blocking boards look and act like puzzle pieces, they easily connect and hold together well which is important when trying to block an item, so they won’t slide and misalign as I am pinning whatever project I am blocking to the boards. They are slightly squishy, and will help repel water. 

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