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Oh for the love of sock yarn

Hey Everyone!

I got my last KnitPicks package for the time being in the mail today. In it were 8 balls of KnitPicks Palette Yarn. I had ordered 2 balls of 4 different shades of green beings that they were on sale before St Patrick’s Day. The four colors I had purchased are: Ivy, Larch Heather, Douglas Fir, and aurora heather. All four are darker more natural shades of green, which is what I was going for since I am wanting most of my wool hiking socks to be of either jewel tones or more natural colors. 

Now that the weather is warming up, is the perfect time to be working on hiking socks, so I will have a stash knit up for when the weather cools off again, or if I get to go hiking in a cooler climate.  I am definitely wanting to get more hiking and time in outdoors this year. 

If the sock yarns I have worked with so far, I am definitely liking the Palette Yarn the best for working with. 

As I stash bust my Palette Yarn, and after I find a new job, I also want to get some more acrylic sock yarn so I will also have more in the way of lightweight socks for warmer weather to wear hiking. I have a few skeins of acrylic sock yarn, but nothing like I do in the way of wool. Though I do have to say that the Palette Yarn is lightweight enough I could wear it as long as it’s not super hot outside anyway. Then again, I wouldn’t likely be out hiking if it is sweltering hot. I am more of a cool climate kind of person, or at least getting out and hiking in the morning before the heat of the day is at its worst. 

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