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Hanging Socks out to Dry

Hey Everyone! 

Today is shaping up to be the warmest day of the year, and possibly the first 70 degree day we have had since last autumn. 

While I had hoped to have 2 pairs of socks to wash today, but life happened and things came up, so I am still working on the second pair of socks I had planned to wash and put out to dry today. 

Beings that it sunny and nice today, I did wash the pair of socks I had knit up out the KnitPicks Palette yarn in Hazelnut. They are currently on sock blockers, hanging out on the line drying. Even though I was only able to have one pair to wash and line dry today, I didn’t want to waste the one nice day we have had in a few weeks, and according to the 10 day forecast, the only real nice day we are supposed to have for another couple of weeks. 

I always wash my woolens after I get them knit up, as there are waxes and such still in it from the processing. There is also usually excess dye still in the yarn. There was a fair amount of excess dye in this pair of socks that I just washed. 

As of writing this post, I am finally working on the heel flap of the second sock of the pair of socks that I am knitting up out of the Nordlys Yarn. I am glad that I am finally making some progress on this sock. 

Washed socks are always softer than unwashed wool. I have been using Eucalan Wrapture wool wash on the  wool items I have knit up. 

I know autumn is about 5 months away, but now is the perfect time to work on socks and other accessories that will come in useful next autumn and winter. 

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