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The Pink Yarn was On Sale!

Hey Everyone!

During the Month of February KnitPicks is having a sale on all their Pink and Red Yarn. While I am no longer the biggest fan of pink, I still can’t pass on a good sale. I can deal with having pink socks, beings that they will be boot socks and hidden in my hiking boots.

I ordered quite a bit of Pink and Red yarn, most of which is the Palette yarn. I also got four balls in two different colors (for two pairs of socks) of the Stroll yarn.

This afternoon and evening I also spent winding all the balls of Palette yarn I had sitting around plus what arrived today, that I had not already wound.

This is what I got wound today:

This stash of yarn is only part of my stash of sock yarn.

I kind of need to stop buying sock yarn, but yarn in general. I really need to do some major stash busting.

Stay tuned to see how my stash busting goes.