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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Hey Everyone!

I have recently been on a bit of a yarn ordering binge. While most of what I have ordered is autumnal and Christmas colored yarn, not all of it is autumnal and Christmas colored.

On Wednesday, the last of the fall collection Yarns I had ordered from Forbidden Fiber Company arrived, and I got it wound as well that afternoon. I had ordered this yarn, mainly because I haven’t ordered a hank of Gluttony Sock yarn, until this point. I am trying to work as many of the different Fingering weight Yarns from Forbidden Fiber Company as I can. This particular colorway is: Campfire.

The wound cake of Campfire actually kinda reminds me of S’mores.

Today, I had a couple more orders arrive. One being the last of my orders from Forbidden Fiber Company. Tuesday was world suicide prevention day, so, for all the Neil Diamond Collection Yarns ordered on the day, the owner of Forbidden Fiber Company was donating to a suicide prevention organization. So, I had ordered a hank of “you don’t bring me flowers”. This colorway is on the honor base, which is not one of the common bases for their colorways. The honor yarn Base is 50% superwash merino and 50% Silk.

I am always out trying to find different sock yarn bases to try that have different fiber makeups, that are not purely wool / merino / nylon in their fiber makeups. So far, of the ones I have actually worked with, Babel (which is 10% Yak Fiber) is my favorite.

My order from Long Dog Yarn, arrived today as well.

The grey is Charcoal (though I thought it was called Coal Miner on the website) on the sock base, the teal is called, Dream Weaver, on the bounce sock Base. Last but not least, on the right is the colorway: “make it pink, make it blue” on the bounce sock base. This colorway is part of the Disney inspired Collection, and based on Sleeping Beauty, where the fairy godmothers keep changing Princess Aurora’s / Briar Rose’s dress from pink to blue and back again, when she is dancing with the prince around the end of the film.

The last of the sock yarn I ordered should be coming in, in a couple of weeks. Since I have a fair amount of autumn yarn wound at this point, I am going to hold off on winding what came today, until the rest of my yarn arrives, and just wind it up in one crazy winding session.

Now that Autumn is here, knitting cozy socks and accessories is going to be my main focus besides work.

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