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Aquatic Sprite

Hey Everyone!

While I have been waiting on the hank of “Safe Harbor” yarn that I ordered from from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm, a month ago, to arrive, That I need to finish the pair of “Safe Harbor” socks I have in the works, I have been working on other socks.

I finished up the pair of “Aquatic Sprite” socks I started after I finished up the “Healer” socks. The yarn base I had ordered the “Aquatic Sprite” colorway on, is the Fortitude Yarn Base, which is a fingering weight yarn, and it is from Forbidden Fiber Company.

I am definitely trying to take advantage of the time I have while I am furloughed, and it’s pretty much summer. Even if I weren’t furloughed, work is super slow this time of year. I am trying to get as many pairs if socks knit up as I can before I go back to work, especially before we hit the holiday season. This coming holiday season will be interesting with the whole pandemic, and if we see any more spikes in cases. Most counties in the state where I live will soon be entering phase two, yet the county I live in, hasn’t even met the requirements for phase one (yet that hasn’t stopped the nightly protests where thousands have gathered downtown).

As it is, I have at minimum, three more weeks to be able to continue just working on knitting, as my furlough was extended again, until the end of June. It’s been a taking it two weeks at a time kind of furlough. There was only one extension that covered an entire month, and that was back in the beginning of everything. Ever since it’s been taking it as it comes, every two weeks.

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