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Celebrating 2 years at work

Hey Everyone!

Last week I celebrated my two year anniversary at work.

To celebrate, I went to my favorite tea shop, to pick up some more of my favorite tea.

I picked up a box of Portland Breakfast tea, as well as a cup of British Brunch tea to go.

Earlier last week, I was looking into the gluten free vegan bakery I used to go to, i knew it has closed at the beginning of the pandemic and everything was closing down. I was checking into see if it had reopened, to find out that it had permanently closed. So I went to google, and started googling gluten free dairy free bakeries in the area. I found one that is actually super close to home.

I had gotten a gluten free and dairy free red velvet cupcake. It was actually really good, and I will be going back to that bakery.

I am trying to celebrate the milestones and achievements as they come. Each milestone gets me one step closer to my long term goals.

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Scarecrow Socks

Hey Everyone!

I finished these socks on Sunday, and am just now getting to posting about them, on Wednesday afternoon.

The colorway is Scarecrow, which is from the 2018 Fall Collection from Forbidden Fiber Company, and I got it on the Fortitude Yarn Base.

The smoke that we had from the wildfires has finally cleared, and we are experiencing our first autumn storm come in, so it is cooler, overcast and rainy. I love it.

Today, I am celebrating my 2 year workiversary at my current job. My 2 year mark is tomorrow, but since I am off tomorrow, and worked today (I was already out of the house anyway) and then got off early, I went and got tea, and a dairy free and gluten free cupcake to celebrate.

I stopped by my favorite tea shop for tea, but I am trying a new place for the cupcake, since the bakery I used to go to is now permanently closed.

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Smoky Air Life

Hey Everyone!

I have worked 5 shifts in a row, and it felt longer. I wasn’t able to get much knitting done on the days I worked.

I finally got the heel finished, turned and the gusset done since I got home from work yesterday. It definitely feels good to be making progress on this sock, especially since the second sock always seems to take longer.

The smoke has been really bad this past week. The air quality has been hazardous most of the week, and I have been trying to stay home with everything shut up as much as possible, to help keep my respiratory system as protected as much as possible.

Having knitting to work on definitely helps while being cooped up indoors, between the pandemic quarantine and now this smoke, I am very thankful that I know how to knit.