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Celebrating 2 years at work

Hey Everyone!

Last week I celebrated my two year anniversary at work.

To celebrate, I went to my favorite tea shop, to pick up some more of my favorite tea.

I picked up a box of Portland Breakfast tea, as well as a cup of British Brunch tea to go.

Earlier last week, I was looking into the gluten free vegan bakery I used to go to, i knew it has closed at the beginning of the pandemic and everything was closing down. I was checking into see if it had reopened, to find out that it had permanently closed. So I went to google, and started googling gluten free dairy free bakeries in the area. I found one that is actually super close to home.

I had gotten a gluten free and dairy free red velvet cupcake. It was actually really good, and I will be going back to that bakery.

I am trying to celebrate the milestones and achievements as they come. Each milestone gets me one step closer to my long term goals.

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