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Safe Harbor X 2

Hey Everybody!

Work slowed down about a month ago. With more time to do my own thing, and work on my own projects, I am able to get more knitting done.

I had most of a hank of Safe Harbor colored yarn left, so I used it and made a second pair of socks with this particular yarn.

This pair, I finished up in under two weeks, and the second pair I have finished already this year.

With the exception of the two hanks of yarn I ordered recently, I am trying to knit through my stash, and stash bust my sock yarn collection. I have more than enough sock yarn to keep my busy for a while, which is a good thing.

Beings that I still live in the city, and a lot of places are still closed or have a very limited capacity, I am spending a lot of time knitting and cooking / baking. I am trying to get as many pairs of socks knit up in this process, especially with the yarn ai have ordered from places other than KnitPicks.

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