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The Jazz Age Socks

Hey Everyone!!!!

What a time we had over the past couple weeks. We had a snow and ice storm hit where we are about two weeks ago. With that storm hitting, we were without power for the better part of a week. I have been hearing that Texas was hit pretty hard as well. In the part of Oregon I am in we get snow storms that stick for several days every few years, and we get these bad ice storms even more infrequently, the last one that was anywhere as bad as this one was back in 1996.

I had had this pair of socks on the needles before the storm hit, but I wasn’t able to work on them much during the storm because it was hard to knit by lantern light, even during the day. So, it took me an extra week to finish them up, because of the storm.

The yarn I used for this pair of socks is called “The Jazz Age”, from the Roaring ‘20s collection from Forbidden Fiber Co, and it’s on the Fortitude base.

Beings that today is turning out to be a half way decent day, I went ahead and washed this pair of socks and a couple other pairs of socks I had finished and set aside. Even though today isn’t even all that warm (it’s currently 48 degrees Fahrenheit and partly sunny), it’s just nice to get them outside to start drying and air out the wet sheep smell and detergent scent outside.

Did the Polar Vortex hit where you are at? How bad was it where you were? Let me know in the comments below if it hit where you are at and if you got any snow, ice or just rain.

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