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Purple Rainbow Peeps

Hey Everyone!

Tuesday I finished up the pair or Purple Rainbow Peeps socks I had been working on for a bit.

The yarn was from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm, and this colorway was on the Coquette yarn base. It was one of the spring yarns I had ordered last year.

I started on a new pair of socks on Tuesday, and got a little ways done on the cuff of the first one. I didn’t work on it at all yesterday, as I had gone to the beach for the day.

I grew up going to the beach, it was where we went (and still go) to get away from the city, especially if it is supposed to be hot in the city, since the beach is usually cooler. Once in a while, during the summer, the beach is as hot as or hotter than in the valley.

I hadn’t been to the beach in over 19 months, until I went yesterday. It was a much needed trip. There were still mask and physical distancing measures in place when you went into stores, but many stores were open. The Beach is easier to to physical distance on, and being outside, myself and everyone else I saw on the beach were not wearing masks, and it was 100% fine. Unless you go to the heart of Cannon Beach or Seaside, here in Oregon, there is plenty of room to spread out on the actual beach.

It was definitely good to take a break from the grind of city life and get away for a few hours.

I am back to the city, and back to working on my knitting in my free time. I can only be on the go so much, and then need to relax for a while to recharge, and knitting does help me recharge.

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Spring is in the Air

Hey Everyone!

It’s kinda crazy how quickly the weather can change around here, a couple weeks ago, we had a snow and ice storm hit, with temperatures early on in that storm down in the 20’s. This past Monday we had our first 60 degree day.

After I had finished up my last pair if socks, I wanted to work on something with more vibrant colors, and that was more springy, so I had picked one of the spring yarns from Bumblebee Acres that I had ordered last year.

I also got the four hanks of yarn i had received in the mail, and got them wound up on monday.

Two hanks are from Forbidden Fiber Co and the other two are from Bumblebee Acres.

I am definitely excited to work with these yarns and see how they knit up!