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Spring Yarns

Hey Everyone!

A few days ago, I received the order of the two hanks of spring colors I had ordered from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm.

I had ordered a hank of Speckled Eggs and a hank of Orange Blossom, which are both on the coquette yarn base.

I also got it wound into cakes the other day, so it will be ready to go to knit from, whenever I am ready to knit it up.

I have definitely been cutting back on buying yarn, especially now that I have seen what I have and have been able to fit it all in two containers.

I at at the point where I have ordered all the colors I liked, and now the new colors that I like are few and far between. Knowing that I have the colors that I wanted makes it easier to not buy as much new yarn. When I do it’s only a hank or two a couple times a year.

Last night I finished up the first sock I am making of the pair, using the colorway “Lady Danbury”, from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm. It was a limited run of the Bridgerton inspired yarns, and I had ordered the two hanks I wanted, “The Duke of Hastings” and “Lady Danbury”. I already finished the pair I made using the “Duke if Hastings” colorway, and now I am working on the “Lady Danbury” pair.

The last few days have felt like summer, so I am glad it has cooled off a bit, at least for a few days. My allergies were really bad while it was so warm.

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