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Lady Danbury Socks

Hey Everyone!

This morning I finished up the pair of Lady Danbury Socks I have been working on for a bit.

This colorway is on the Coquette yarn base, and it is from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm.

Socks have definitely been my thing the past few years. For me, they are easy, and have become a mindless project.

I also am not the biggest fan of wearing socks, especially store bought socks. I just don’t like how they feel. I can handle wearing the ones I make, as I make them specifically for myself.

I am still dreaming of and working towards moving to Alaska. Alaska, has been the dream that been there for the better part of a decade. It has been the motivation that keeps me pushing forward and having something to work towards. Part of that is knitting myself some warm stuff to wear, when and if I need it when I get up there (which I likely will want at least in winter).

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