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Second Week of Work

Hey Everyone!

I had ordered some more yarn from Bumblebee Acres.

I also still have a couple hanks of yarn from a previous order. I am also am waiting for the “road to Rhinebeck” sock kit to arrive, so I can get all the hanks wound up.

I still have one more shift at work before my weekend. I have already worked three shifts in a row, tonight is shift #4. After tonight, I have three nights off before my next round of 4 nights in a row. After tonight, I will be done with my second week of my new job.

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Unicorn Night Mares

Hey Everyone!

This evening, I finished up the pair of “Unicorn Night Mares” socks that I started right before I interviewed for my new job. This pair of socks has taken me about three weeks to knit up, since life has happened.

The colorway is: Unicorn Night Mares, the yarn base is: Fingering, and it’s from KnittedWit.

My first week of the new job went well. I am definitely looking forward to life after my first paycheck. This fall and winter, I am definitely going to be checking out some yarn stores and tea shops. This is going to be an awesome fall and winter

I am also waiting for my knit picks orders to arrive this week.