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A Yarny Fall Day

Hey Everyone!

I have definitely been enjoying my day off.

I have been working on my current sock throughout the day.

While it didn’t get super warm today, the sun was out today and made it feel warmer today than it was. So I decided to was the socks I had finished up, and put them on the drying rack.

The hank of yarn I had ordered from Deep Dyed Yarns, which had been recommended to me by a reader, arrived today. So I got it wound up.

I definitely love the colors here, and I am excited to knit these up into socks. This colorway was my favorite of the ones available.

After working 5 days in a row last week, and only having two nights / one full day off, it is nice to be back to my normal schedule. It has certainly been nice to be able to knit the past couple of days as well. I have certainly missed it.


Autumn is Here

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited that Fall is here, and so is the Fall / autumn and Halloween yarns. The Christmas yarns are also coming soon! I love the seasonal yarns.

I did make a recent order for some Fall and Halloween sock yarn from Bumblebee Acres.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had cast on a new pair of socks after I finished up the Denali National Park Socks. I cast on the Halloween yarn for the next pair to knit up.

Fall / Halloween and Christmas socks are some of my favorite yarns to knit up, and I am always excited new new yarn comes out. Sock yarn is definitely one of my favorite things.

Once the weather changes to Fall, I definitely want to knit more and hang out inside with my knitting (or a good book sometimes) and a cup of tea. Then on the nicer days it’s fun to put on a pair of socks that I made and enjoy the fall weather.

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Denali National Park

Hey Everyone!

With life being so hectic, working full time at a local grocery store, ’cause a girl has be able to afford yarn (among other things) somehow, Knitting has had to take a back burner again. That’s always a bummer, when what you love has to take a back seat to earning a living somehow.

With that being said, I finally finished knitting up a pair of socks last night. I went back on my Instagram to see when I finished my previous pair of socks. I posted that pair on August 4th. So this pair basically took me two months to knit up, which is crazy. It happens though when it’s all you can do to function to literally eat, shower, sleep and work pretty much in that order.

For this pair of socks, I used the Denali National Park colorway on the Sock yarn base from KnittedWit. I have had this yarn in my stash for a bit so it is not likely available anymore to buy.

I am definitely to have gotten this pair done, and started on a new pair. I am definitely hoping the new pair I just started doesn’t take me two months to finish.