Autumn is Here

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited that Fall is here, and so is the Fall / autumn and Halloween yarns. The Christmas yarns are also coming soon! I love the seasonal yarns.

I did make a recent order for some Fall and Halloween sock yarn from Bumblebee Acres.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had cast on a new pair of socks after I finished up the Denali National Park Socks. I cast on the Halloween yarn for the next pair to knit up.

Fall / Halloween and Christmas socks are some of my favorite yarns to knit up, and I am always excited new new yarn comes out. Sock yarn is definitely one of my favorite things.

Once the weather changes to Fall, I definitely want to knit more and hang out inside with my knitting (or a good book sometimes) and a cup of tea. Then on the nicer days it’s fun to put on a pair of socks that I made and enjoy the fall weather.

2 thoughts on “Autumn is Here”

  1. I’m in love with the Figment yarns from Deep Dyed Yarns that have the shiny metalic thread for my sock yarns. Really adds to making them something that can’t be bought. I love her Black Hills colorway which in MHO is an excellent Halloween sock. I can’t wait to cast them on. Then I’m waiting for another of my favorite dyers, Redbird Yarn Studio, to post her Christmas yarns on her website. I recently finished a Christmas yarn to give my son-in-law this year. Totally agree that Halloween and Christmas yarns are just so much fun!!

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