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Summer Knitting

Hey Everyone!

This past week I started watching Rhinebeck videos. I quickly realized that I need to go next year. I also realized that I really have no idea who anyone who is anyone in the knitting world is. That is another reason I need to go to Rhinebeck and other fiber festivals back east. That is one of the crappy things about living out west, we don’t have many fiber festivals and really none of the big names in the knitting world come out here.

Today I started winding up my Bad Sheep Yarn hanks. I had to stop after 3 hanks as I started not feeling well and needed to lay down. I did take some videos to put up on TikTok and my Instagram stories.

I love these Alaskan themed yarns. I am excited to see how they knit up when I get to them.

In order to go to Rhinebeck next year, I need to allow my PTO at work to accrue. I want to be able to get paid while taking time off work to go. In the mean time, I also need to watch more Rhinebeck videos.


4 thoughts on “Summer Knitting”

  1. Don’t hate me, but I live about an hour (and change) from Rhinebeck, NY., and I’ve never been to a fiber festival either. (I’m in central CT) I know Andrea Mowry usually goes to Rhinebeck and I’m guessing she’ll be there this year. (Most folks took the last two years off due to Covid restrictions) But she’s really the only designer/teacher I know, and that’s only because I subscribe to her newsletter and I try to watch her weekly videos while knitting. (Also, she’s from NH, so Rhinebeck probably seems “local” to her) I doubt I’ll go this year either, but mostly because knitting has become such a solo hobby that I don’t have any knitting friends to join me. 😦 While you don’t have a lot of fiber fests in your neck of the woods, you do seem to have knitting shops, which we totally lack here. Sadly, that’s where I used to go to enjoy socializing with like minds. So I guess it’s six of one, a half dozen of another. Love your new yarn!

    1. Yeah, though over the past several years we have had a lot of our yarn shops close down, due to lack of business. My favorite yarn shop closed down several years ago.

      A lot of yarn shops are just getting their in person classes and groups back to in person. Being able to be with other knitters in person is just starting to come back here.

      1. I miss the community aspect of knitting a lot. My closest yarn shop had a great group of customers and we’d often join classes and do knitting retreats together. We even formed our own little knitting social group that met every other week for years. When that shop closed I felt like I lost so many of my friends. Stay in touch? Sure, we all promised, but you know how that goes. I haven’t seen any of them in over 15 years. Sad. Unfortunately, I think the Internet has made it really hard for many of the small local shops to compete. Why travel to buy yarn when you can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep in just a few days? Yes, it can be hard to learn to buy yarn online, but once you master a few skills it opens the door to a lot of materials you couldn’t even get locally. So there’s that. And YouTube has made it pretty easy to find quality instruction for free, without ever having to pay for classes or travel to take them. So I think the whole knitting world has changed, and that means losses in some areas and gains in others. But that’s just my .02 cents.

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