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She Sells Seashells

Hey Everyone!

I had kind of hoped to finish up this pair of socks this past week, but that didn’t happen. So I finally finished them up this morning.

This is the She Sells Seashells (try saying that 10 times fast) sock set from Long Dog Yarn on the Bounce Sock yarn base.

If this sock set didn’t have the accent color, it would have been too pink for me. With the accent color, it is toned down, and the pink is more manageable.

It didn’t look as pink in the hank before it was wound up and knit up.

English is such a weird language even being a native speaker. I had to look up wound, to make sure I was using it correctly. When pronounced “wow-nd” it is the past tense of to wind, when pronounced “wu-nd” it it means an injury or point of puncture in the human body.

It was definitely nice to add to my spring and summer sock stash, because I don’t have that many specific spring & summer pairs of socks. I am trying to have a good base of seasonal socks besides just fall (because I love fall and I always go crazy there).


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