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After the Snow Days

Hey Everyone!

I decided to try washing the hand knit Christmas socks I had done in the washing machine today. I had always hand washed them until now.

It was one of things where, I decided to give it a try considering we used to wash 100% Cashmere sweaters in the washing machine (and put them in the dryer) when I worked at the studio about a decade ago.

I figured if I used a shorter wash cycle, warm and cold water, the extra delicate cycle and wool wash, it couldn’t hurt them right?

They are now air drying on my drying rack and came out just fine with the precautions I did take.

It’s going to make my life a whole lot easier and save my hands knowing I can put them in on the gentlest cycle and warm water then air dry them.

While they were washing, I did go through the Laundress New York Wool and Cashmere Shampoo I have and did get rid of the ones who’s lots are part of the recall, just to be on the safe side.

I know I have talked about how much I have loved the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo from the Laundress New York. I have been looking into what is best for washing woolen goods, and I have found that using a wash that contains lanolin, which is the oil naturally found in Wool is actually better for it, I am not going to be using the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo anymore.

Eucalan was one of the top brands I found that contains lanolin, as do Kookaburra wash and Outback Gold, all of which I have some of in my wool wash stash. This also explains why what had been my favorite yarn shop while it was still in business, as do many other yarn shops I have been in, carry Eucalan wash.

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Snow Day Activities

Hey Everyone!

We started seeing snow fall Wednesday morning, though we really didn’t start seeing it stick until Wednesday evening.

With the roads being snow covered and the temperatures dropping below freezing I chose to stay home yesterday and today.

Yesterday my mom and I made cookies, and I have also been working on my current pair of vintage santa socks.

Vintage Santa

It’s been an incredibly busy month and it’s nice to have a couple extra down days to relax and allow my body to continue to adjust to not working nights. It’s been nice to actually put some time into my knitting and see progress take place over a shorter amount of time and see more socks take shape.

Now that I am getting back into a more regular schedule where I can knit more and get more done, and I do have a little more energy to do the things I enjoy doing.

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Snowy Pine Socks

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I finally finished up the pair of Snowy Pine socks I have been working on for the past month.

It’s been a crazy month. I finished out working freight, completely switched up my schedule going from working nights to working days. I started at my new store this past week, and trying to be healthier.

Snowy Pine is the colorway of this yarn, it is on the coquette sock yarn base from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm.

I have been working through my Christmas themed yarn I have in my stash. I am trying to get all my Christmas socks knit up before moving on to other yarn I have. I still have a few more pairs to go. Though with my schedule of my new job, I have a little time in the afternoons and evenings to work on my knitting and get a few rounds done. The second sock knit up a lot quicker than the first because of this change in my schedule.

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Last Day at Work

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was my last day at the store I had been a freight lead at for 10 months. I spent my last week of freight split between freight and signage.

Yesterday, before I left, I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

It was super sweet of the store. I definitely was not expecting anything based on my experience at my first store.

I spent the past week and a couple days training for my new position at the store I have been at for the past 10 months. It was nice getting to start learning my new job at the store I am comfortable with before going to my new store. So I am going to my new store with a bit of training under my belt.

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With the Sheep or Something

Hey Everyone!

When I got home from work, I had sent my brother the following message.

“Today feels like one of those days where I should be driving on the other side of the road, drinking my 6th cuppa of the day before going back out to working with the sheep or something”

It is a rainy, wet, rather dreary day. As I was driving home from work, it was one of those thoughts that it was like “what could I totally go for right now”, tea, yarn, sheep, and Scotland are the passion.

I have been training for my new job this past week. It’s definitely been a steep learning curve. I have also had a bit more time to knit in the afternoon. I am also enjoying having a bit more energy than I had while working nights. I am sure the 3am – 4am mornings will catch up with me, but this period until it does has been a nice reprieve.