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Wraps and Catalogues

Hey Everyone! 

Today I have been making progress on a couple of my WIP’s. I got the cuff of the second sock that I am knitting up using Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn half way done. 

Once I got the cuff half way done, I switched to working on the wrap I have in progress. The wrap I am working on, I am using Cascade Eco+ Yarn. I am using a K3P1 pattern.

It is a really pretty dark sea blue, it is heathered navy blue and forest green. While working at the studio we had a lace weight Todd and Duncan cashmere yarn that was a similar color. 

The Cascade Eco+ Yarn is an Aran weight yarn. It is a bulkier yarn. I am using size 9 bamboo circular needles. With this combination it is warm, thick and cozy,  yet not super bulky. 

Today, I also got a new KnitPicks catalogue in the mail. I love looking through the catalogues, and getting ideas for what I want to knit, in the future. I have a long wish list of yarns and knitting books. 

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The Knitter’s Notes Instagram

Hey Everyone!

I had been toying with the idea for a while of making a dedicated “The Knitter’s Notes” Instagram page. For a little while I was posting my knitting stuff on my “Simple Homemaking” page, and I may still post some things there as well as to the knitter’s notes page. Now I have an instagram dedicated to my Knitting pictures. I also wanted to get it, to make sure no one else claimed “The Knitter’s Notes” on Instagram. This way, my blog, Instagram, and Facebook Page all have the same title. It is definitely easier to have them all the same thing than have to explain why one is different because I didn’t claim it first. 

Today, I have been working on my Hazelnut colored socks, while watching the Animal Adventure Park giraffe live feed, as April is supposed to be having her calf in the very near future. I have been watching the live feed on and off since mid February. Waiting on a giraffe to give birth is like watching the paint dry. 

Now that I am back to working with Palette Yarn, I didn’t know how much I liked it, until after working with a yarn so difficult that the tension I was having to put in my little needles snapped one of them in two. 

Of the wool sock yarn I have, I have two skeins that are not the KnitPicks Palette Yarn, which I hope will Knit up ok. Though the vast majority of my wool sock yarn I currently have is the KnitPicks Palette Yarn, in various colors. I will definitely be posting pictures and blog posts about them. 

I am really loving the Hazelnut color of Palette yarn. It’s definitely a brown, but it has more of an orangey red tone to it. It is really pretty. It also goes really well with the color “Victorian” which I would say is a bright dusty rose color. 

With as much of the Victorian I have in my stash as well as the Hazelnut I will have left over, I will hopefully be able to get two pairs of Victorian socks and a pair of Victorian & Hazelnut socks. 

The Palette yarn works up pretty fast and I really haven’t had any issues with it, which is good, beings that I am just getting started on the roughly 4 dozen pairs of socks I will be making with it. 

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Celtic Knot Infinity Scarf

Hey Everyone!

This weeks Personal Project is a Celtic Knot infinity scarf that I started yesterday with what i have left of a skein of Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown. I had pulled this skein out of the tub of wool I have, so that I could finish casting off a shawl that I finished up last week. I then proceeded to make a slouchy hat (which I had to reknit because the first one was too big), and now I am making an infinity scarf. This scarf is the third scarf in which I have used this pattern. I love this pattern.

For this scarf I am using Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown. I like how this pattern shows up when I use wool. Beings that wool is a sturdier fiber, and holds its shape better than acrylic, that pattern shows up really well using the combination of the yarn and the pattern.

As I am writing this post I have completed four “sections” or having completed the pattern four times and it is measuring to be just over a foot long. While I have a ways to go before it is done, I have a good start on it, and can’t wait to see what it looks like when I have it done.

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Personal Project Friday

Hey Everyone!

When I started this blog, My main focus was (and still primarily is) knitting for children in need. While I love working on projects for kids in need, I feel like my blog has gotten a bit stale, bland and repetitive with just hats and sweaters. On Friday’s I am going to be posting about projects that I am working on for myself, or for my friends to help change things up and keep things fresh while still holding to why I started the blog in the first place.

My “personal” projects is where I really get creative and have the most fun/frustrations as I try new patterns, that are more complicated and intricate that I wouldn’t use for hats and sweaters. I really enjoy trying new patterns, and making things for myself that look nice, and that come in useful during the rainy winter months.

This Week I am working on a simple garter stitch triangular shawl using Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen’s Will in Natural Brown. I love working with this yarn, and have more skeins in different colors in a plastic tub or wool I have stashed away for personal projects. I have made triangle shawls in the past out of acrylic yarn, this is my first one out of a natural yarn. When planning this project I just wanted something simple and easy, because the other projects I had made to date using fishermen’s wool were more complex patterned scarves, and I wanted something to work on that would just be simple and warm for winters to come. It has also given me time to think about what I want to do with my other skeins of fishermen’s wool as I still have five full skeins of it. I like fishermen’s wool, I won’t go into a lot about why, as I have talked about it in my Favorite Yarns post from this past Monday.