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Finding my Zone

Good Evening to All,

I finally decided to invest in the first five seasons of Downton Abbey, hoping on the off chance that I would like the series. I had not seen any of the parts before purchasing the five seasons that are on DVD. I received them in the mail yesterday, and have so far watched parts one and two of season one. I have to say that i have not been disappointed.

After I get home from work, get dinner and make my lunch for the next day, I have been settling in to watch a couple vlogs on youtube, then watching a part (what each episode is called) of Downton Abbey. While watching the part I have been working on my knitting projects. It has been quite relaxing. Last night I worked on the baby blanket I have in the works for my cousin and his wife who are expecting a baby, and tonight I was working on the scarf I am working on for myself. The scarf is a new project. I am using Fishermen’s Wool in Oatmeal. I am knitting it flat, and then going to sew the ends together to make it an infinity scarf.

I have been facinated with Scotland for years. While Downton Abbey is set, and takes place in England, it is close enough for me to get my fix. Not to mention that the first series (season) starts off in 1912. Between the history, and the costumes, and the sets, and the Castle are all amazing, and I am absolutely loving it.

I love the combination of watching a historical fiction British TV show and knitting to calm my nerves, relax, and zone out before going to bed to then start another day at my day job.

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Must have More Yarn

Hey Everyone!

While I was out today, I stopped at the Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore near my house. I was looking for thread, for a project I am working on. The thread I had was not a good quality, so I went to look for a better quality thread to use for the quilt I am working on. While I was there, I had also picked up a couple more colors of thread that would go with what I am working on, and wouldn’t just be black or white.

In addition to the thread I picked up 5 skeins of Red Heart Yarn for sweaters, and two skeins of kitchen cotton for dishcloths. The red heart yarn I am going to be using for sweaters, and the dishcloths are for me.

I have been off of work most of the week, and I am starting to go a bit stir crazy, and there were a few items I needed to pick up at the grocery store, so I went to Joann’s while I was out. I just needed to go somewhere and do something.

Before I start any more sweaters or hats for kids, I am going to finish my mom’s Christmas present which i am still working on, and I have a baby gift for one of my cousins to get knit up, and then sent up to Canada before the end of May. Knowing from past experience it can take a while for packages to reach their destination in Canada, being shipped from the US, so I want to get the baby gift up there before the baby arrives in June.

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Upcoming Projects for 2015

Hey Everyone!

The past 5 weeks have been incredibly busy with starting a new full time job, Thanksgiving, helping with my church’s Christmas on the Campgrounds event (which was a huge success this year), and then having someone I know pass away this past week. There hasn’t been a lot of time to knit. Since I have been working I haven’t wanted to start anymore projects on top of my mom’s Christmas gift, which won’t be completed in time for Christmas. I am hoping to have it done by mid January.

In addition to completing my mom’s Christmas gift, I have two more projects that I have to work on during the early part of 2015. One of my cousin’s and his wife are expecting their first baby, and they are waiting to find out the gender of the baby until the baby is born in June. So I am going to be making two baby blankets for them, both of which could be used for either a boy or girl. I picked up a skein of a really pretty yellow (Lion Brand Pound of Love in Honey Bee) and a skein of a  really pretty turquoise (Lion Brand Pound of Love in Turquoise) at Joann’s while I was out running errands today. I had a 20% off the entire purchase coupon, in addition to the two skeins both being on sale (the sale price was $3 off the the regular price), which meant that I got a good deal.

Besides the project I am trying to finish up, as well as the two baby blankets I am going to make, my knitting plans for 2015 are looking like, another wool scarf for myself, more hats for children as I have plenty of yarn, and maybe a few sweaters, but we will see how many I get made with my work schedule and every thing else.

I also put together a video of the sweaters I completed during 2014, so if you would like to check it out, you can find it here.

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I can finally talk about it!

Hey Everyone! 

I finally got my hush hush project completed early this morning. I had the baby shower later on in the morning, into the early afternoon and was able to gift the hush hush project to its intended recipient – an expectant mom of twin boys, who is also one of my best friends older sister’s. 

Why I couldn’t and wouldn’t talk about it until now is because I know my friend will at least occasionally if not regularly read my blog, so I couldn’t say anything about it on a forum that she would see. 

I had made two little blankets for two little boys.  I started this project literally two weeks ago and made two baby blankets in two weeks. that totally sounds crazy, and I think I might be crazy for attempting it. I knew I could do it, and I did do it. There were a few distractions, and needing to go help set up for Vacation Bible School (which I am excited about), that took some time away from knitting, but I totally needed the distractions. It was a challenge that i took on, and I completed it. 

The yarn I used, was some I had picked up at a Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore near me, a while back and I had picked it up both skeins with no intended recipient, I had just liked the colors. I knew I would use it for baby blankets at some points, and the point came sooner rather than later. I love the Sea Blue/Tiffany Blue, and beings that my friend is having boys, these came in perfect for this project. The yarn is also 100% acrylic and machine washable and dryable which is a necessity with kids.

I love how these two blankets turned out. I had gotten thinking, while working on these about how back, even 100 – 150 years ago, if you were able to buy something at the general store in town it was such a treat. Now days it means so much more to receive something handmade. it is interesting to see how things can do a 180 because of how our culture and society changes. Knitting, Crocheting, and even sewing have been all but forgotten about crafts that when someone goes to the time and effort to hand make items, how much more special those items are. 

Renate_Baby_Blankets 003 Renate_Baby_Blankets 011 Renate_Baby_Blankets 013

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Whats On The Needles?

Hi Everyone!

In addition to the baby blanket and the wool wrap that I have in progress, and have talked about in my last two posts, I also have a dishcloth and a Knit for Kids sweater in the works.

The sweater has kind of just been sitting lately as I work on these other projects. I know I have talked about in the past that I can effectively only have 2 (not counting the purse project) knitting projects in the works, and if I have anymore (like the sweater) it just sits until I complete one of the other projects.

The dishcloth is technically my purse project, I spent some time working on it over the weekend, after I had bruised my tailbone (its still bruised but it is doing better), and it hurt too much to sit upright for more than 30 minutes. It was something that I could still work on while I was laying down. It was hard for me to just be laying there doing pretty much nothing for a few days, just because it hurt to much to sit.

I likely wouldn’t have started the wrap if I hadn’t needed to pull the second skein of Nature’s brown fishermen’s wool out of the bucket to finish the shawl I had been working on and finished. I then made a slouchy hat, and I am now just trying to get the skein used up, so that I don’t have to put it away. I don’t like having to make room for skeins that I have pulled out of somewhere. I also figure that if I can get this wrap done, I can wash the darker woolens that I have, especially the ones I used this past winter. I know I don’t have to wash them very often, I just want to wash them before I put them away for the season.

I also have several big skeins of 3 ply sport baby yarn that I want to get used up for baby blankets. I don’t want to have to buy more plastic tubs for storing the yarn. This is what I have going on right now.

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Baby Blanket Progress

Hey Everyone!

This week, for my Charity Project of the Week, I will be telling you about the progress I have been making on the baby blanket I am working on. I am working on some baby blankets that I intend to send for the Bundles of Joy (B.O.J) group I found out about on Ravelry. The group makes handmade (Knit, Crochet, Sewn) goods for babies and children on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The counties that make up the Pine Ridge Reservation are among the poorest in the country. That fact alone is not surprising.

Anywhere there are babies being born into poverty, my heart goes to try to do something, even something as simple as knitting baby blankets I want to help. That is why I am glad I came across the B.O.J. group. I know there are kids around the world who need something warm, and I do the best I can to help with that through knitting sweaters and hats, but at the same time I try to do my part to help fill the gap here at home, when there is a project or a group that has been formed to help fill a need here in my own country.

I have gotten up into the 7th section of the basket weave baby blanket I am currently working on. I know I have talked about it in at least one post in the past. I love how it is coming along and turning out. it will be really pretty when it is done.

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What’s on my Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

This week I am still working on the sweater, the baby blanket and dish cloth that I talked about in last weeks post. I did get the hat reknit and completed this past week.

This past week I started a Celtic Knot infinity scarf for myself, using lion brand fishermen’s wool in nature’s brown which is what I had left over from finishing my latest wool shawl and hat for myself. I love working with Fishermen’s Wool, and it is my favorite yarn for personal use that is easily obtained to the general public in craft stores here in the States.

As the weather is getting warmer I am trying to get my wool projects done, so that they will be done in time for next fall and winter.

I have also been working steadily on the baby blanket so I can get that done.  I want to get the sweater done, don’t get me wrong on that. I am just trying to get all the baby weight sport yarn that I have used up and made into projects to make more room for myself. I am also trying to get as many baby blankets as I can, so that I have them done.