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Infant Leg Warmers

Hey Everyone!

This evening I finished an order I had received for six pairs of infant leg warmers for a friend’s month and a half old twin sons. She had found some, but they were too big for her little guys. As she had been lamenting that fact to her sister who is a good friend of mine, her sister had mentioned that I know how to knit, and could likely make some that fit her little guys who are about the size of the average newborn.

The last time I had made leg warmers was while working at the knitting studio, using a knitting machine. Though it was simple enough then, that I knew I could take what I had learned then, do a little research, and then make some that were small enough for these little guys.

I got to work with really pretty blues, a pastel green, a white with pastel blue and green variegated throughout. The twins mom also wanted two pairs of black leg warmers for the boys for Halloween. Those were the two pairs I knit up so they would for sure be done in time for tomorrow, which would be the last opportunity I would have to see the boy’s mom, aunts or grandmother (who could take the leg warmers to the twin’s mom) before Halloween. I also pushed myself to complete all six pairs before tomorrow as well, so they would be done and the boys could wear them.


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Friday Night Knit Night

Hey Everyone!

This evening I spent inside working on my current series of knitting projects. Spending the evening watching shows or listening to music while working on projects is a relaxing way to unwind and calm down. Knitting is my creative outlet. It is also one of the things that challenges me, calms me, gets me excited, and one of the things I love doing with my time and my life.

It all goes back to the summer I was 10, and bored out of my mind by the end of June, and was ready for school to start again, with another month to go. I had asked my grandma to teach me to knit, and I have stuck with it ever since. Now I am glad that I did. I love the feel of yarn, and getting lost in the yarn section of the craft store, or spending hours in a yarn store dreaming up the projects I could make if I had the money for the yarn.

I love knitting, It is one of those things that is always on my mind, and dream about. Yes I do get out and go do things, and do take breaks from it, but even then I am thinking about it, or yarn. I am still trying to figure out a way to get paid to do what I love without having to own my own business.

I have three projects going at the moment, I have my mom’s Christmas gift that I am working on, I have a wrap that I am working on for myself, and I have infant leggings for a friend of mine who has twins, and wants leg warmers small enough for her little guys.

For my wrap I am using lion brand fishermen’s wool in oatmeal, and it is super soft. I am loving it. As some of you already know, Fishermen’s Wool is my favorite yarn for projects for myself. A lot of what I have made in the past few years has been made of Fishermen’s Wool. I got started using it about 2 or 3 years ago, I had been wanting to try it for a while before that, but I had been waiting until I had the money to buy my first skein. It was well worth the wait, and worth the money. Once I had made my first hat and scarf from it, I was hooked, and bought subsequent skeins, and have made many more projects with it. Beings that it still retains it natural Lanolin it is softer than other wool. It also washes and wears better than regular wool. The Lanolin is a natural water repellent which is helpful in the part of the country I live in, where most of the winter is gray and damp.

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Shifting Short Term Focus

Hey Everyone! 

Over the next few months for my charity projects, I will be working on hats for kids and infants in need. They are small and don’t take much time to knit up. 

I have come to the conclusion that Hats would be a good choice to work on as I have balls of baby yarn in my craft area that I would like to get used up before I move on to other projects needing larger quantities of yarn. That coupled with the fact that it is already September which means I am already starting to think about Christmas gifts I want to get knit up, in time for the holiday, in addition to finishing up a personal project for myself. 

I love making projects for kids in need, I am just taking some time to focus my priorities elsewhere for a bit, as the last couple of years I have been knitting hats and sweaters like crazy. I am taking a step back to breathe, doing some projects for myself, family and friends then come back with renewed energy to knitting for kids in need. My focus is currently on projects of a personal nature for myself and friends I am not completely going without knitting something for the kids. 

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Project of the Week

Hey Everyone!


This Week’s Project of the week, is a hat I knit up for the wife of one of my mom’s coworkers who is undergoing Chemo. I used Lion Brand Babysoft Yarn in Pastel Blue and Sparkly White. I also put cables all the way across the hat.

When I went yarn shopping, I was looking for a small skein of blue baby yarn. The blue I found, on its own, isn’t the prettiest I have seen, but I found some sparkly white, and decided to put that with the blue and knit double strands. This is the final product, and I finished it up today.

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Blanket for a Baby

A little over a week ago, a friend of mine became a foster mommy to a precious 8 week old baby girl. This friend and her husband also have sons, whom they adopted about a year and a half ago. Both of them had become my second family, when I went off to college 7 years ago, and they are still like older siblings to me, to this day. I was (and still am) super happy for them when they got their two boys, and now that they get to have a little girl too, for however long they get to have her (I’m praying for the long haul, but I know that realistically that is not likely with the foster care system), is a blessing.

Beings that they have two boys, and the youngest was two and a half when they got the boys, they have had to get more in the way of clothes and baby items for the baby. Having nine months to prepare for a baby is hectic enough. Beings that this friend is like a sister to me, I decided to make her a baby gift. Whether or not, or even how long they get to keep her was not a factor in what I was going to give her for a baby gift. Every baby should get at least one handmade baby blanket in their life, and this precious little girl just got her’s today!

The day after my friend and her husband got their foster baby, I got to work on her baby blanket. A week later, I had a finished product. I made a run down to the area where I lived and went to church while I was attending college, in order to give this gift to my friend.

Below is a picture of the blanket that I knit up this past week: