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Sea Dragon

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a bit since I have posted her, and even longer it seems since I finished a pair of socks.

Knitting has definitely slowed down since I started this job I am at. It’s OK for the time being since I do need to work.

I finally finished up a pair I had started back in November. This pair was knit up out of yarn from a small yarn dyer, who I found out about from one of you. The yarn shop is called Deep Dyed Yarn. I had ordered several hanks from her shop in two different yarn bases. The yarn base for this particular pair is the Figment yarn base, and I used the colorway “Sea Dragon”. I love how it turned out.

Sock yarn has definitely become one of my things. I love looking at it. All the different color combinations that people come up with is incredible. I love working with it, and feel it as I am working it up.

I have been told that I have enough socks and sock yarn, but really, can you ever have enough?

I know that the city life is not my calling and I am working hard now to get out of here, and live a life where I am outside more, and still living in a place that rains, or at least overcast, grey & misty / drizzling for nine months out of the year, where having good quality wool socks are a must.

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First Fall Sweater

Hey Evetyone!

I finally got the size 8 sweater that I had been working on here lately finished up. I completed it here this past Monday. I meant to blog about it yesterday, but here I am, getting to it on Wednesday night. Better late than never right?

  For this sweater I used all red heart super saver yarn. The brown is called Coffee, the Orange is Carrot, the Green is Tea Leaf and the yellow is Gold. I pretty well used up the coffee, though I have plenty of the other three colors left that I will be using in another sweater. 
Getting knitting projects is more difficult beings that I am working. This year I will be doing good to get 6 or 7 sweaters done. There was one year when I didn’t have a full time job that I had completed like 17 sweaters. The way I see it is that even 6 or 7 sweaters means that 6 or 7 kids will be kept warm. 


Fall is Coming!

Hi Everyone! 

ImageI finally got the size 6 sweater using Red Heart Super Saver in Fall complete. I took it off the needles last night, and started sewing it up. I finished sewing it up this morning. This sweater took me about a month to knit up, due to life being busy this month, and not having as much time to devote to working on this project. This sweater is the 15th sweater I have completed this year. 

I have started one more sweater, and then from there I plan to use the rest of the year for other projects, namely hats for children in India, and personal projects. Sixteen sweaters in one year is plenty. 

That is the update for this week. The next Project of the Week post will be be in September!