Perfect Night to Knit

As the light fades from the sky into darkness and the clouds crawl in over the mountains the knitter sits at her computer knitting while watching YouTube videos.

I totally had to blog about the perfect knitting weather I am experiencing right now. Never heard of perfect knitting weather? It is the rainy, cool ¬†weather where if you aren’t me, you want to curl up and stay inside until the sun comes out again. I love this weather for either going out and exploring the forest or for staying inside and working on knitting projects while watching YouTube videos. I love the way the clouds are like a blanket over the top of the valley that I live in. I love the way that the rain makes the air smell. I love that the air is still cool and while it is cloudy/rainy the temperature doesn’t vary as much (aka it stays cooler and consistent).

I know that I mentioned in my last post that I plan on starting another sweater after I finish out the month of April with knitting hats, while I have a sweater in the works I also want to work on some personal projects using the wool that I have stashed away.

If you are interested in hearing about the personal projects I am knitting, leave me a comment below! Thanks.