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Day 2 of 30 days 30 hats challenge

Hey Everyone!

Today is the second day of my 30 days, 30 hats challenge. I had started a thread about it in one of the charity knitting groups I am a part of on Ravelry, not expecting a whole lot from it. So far I have had my expectations blown away by even having a few people join me in my challenge to each knit 30 hats in 30 days. While I am knitting hats for children in India, I had made the thread more open ended, in terms of the recipients of the hats at the end of the month just because each person who might want to take part has their own charities and knitting recipients that they care about, and the whole point is just to see how many hats (with a goal in mind) in the course of the month.

I will be posting pictures frequently (but not daily) on my Facebook Page, so if you would like to see the hats I will be making this month, as well as other projects I am working on, please follow me on my facebook page (by going to the page, and clicking the “like” button on the main page). I mentioned that I will be posting pictures frequently, but not daily, that is because I enough yarn to make several hats out of the skeins of some yarns, so it would be rather redundant to essentially be posting the same picture for several days in a row. What I plan on doing when I am using the same yarn for several hats is knit up the yarn, and then when I am finished my last hat with the yarn I will take a picture of all the hats I got out of the yarn and post the picture with a short caption with the day numbers and how many child/teen sizes I have in the color.

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Project of the Week: July 31st, 2013

Hi Everyone!

This week’s Project of the Week is a size 8 sweater for World Vision’s Knit for Kids Project. For this sweater I am using a skein of Caron One Pound yarn in Sunflower and a bit of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Shocking Pink in the front sleeves.

I really like the texture of the Caron One Pound skeins of yarn, they are thicker and softer than the Red Heart yarn, yet cost more, at the store where I typically buy my yarn. As for the Red Heart yarn I am using, I love the color, but it is a thinner rougher skein of yarn. I know I mentioned last week that it is hit and miss with the texture of Red Heart yarn, and this skein is a “miss”.

Today has been overcast pretty much all day. It feels more like Mid РSeptember than the end of July. But that is fine by me, I prefer the cooler weather with overcast skies. It makes for  better knitting weather.

Beings as I got the front sleeves started yesterday, I have been working on the sleeves today, and I am working toward getting the done today, we’ll see how I do on accomplishing that, as I would like to have this project done this week.

I have also been thinking about projects for the near future and what yarn I want to use for what sizes. I am thinking about once I get this sweater done making a size 6 sweater, so that I will finally made at least 10 of each size.

Those of you who have “liked” my Facebook Page, and have been following my blog for any length of time, will have figured out, is that I have been making a lot more of the bigger sizes because I had knit up a ton, well not a ton, but primarily a bunch of size 4 sweaters tailed by size 2 sweaters, and I have been working on getting an equal amount of each size knit up, so that there is not this huge disparity between how many of the smaller sizes I have knit up and how many of the bigger sizes I have knit up. Honestly if I were to have another disparity between the sizes, I would prefer it to be that I had way more size 8’s and size 10’s than size 2’s and size 4’s. The smaller sizes are fun because they knit up quickly, and use less yarn, which is why I had made so many of them in the beginning, but as I have gotten older, it has dawned on me that there are older and bigger kids, that really need sweaters too. I also wonder how many people do knit up primarily the smaller sizes because they are quick, easy and cute.

I also took a little time to update the pictures of the sweaters from 2011 and 2012 on my Facebook page, so they are labelled with the size and the date they were completed.

That’s all for this week’s, Project of the Week update. Thanks for reading my Posts, and if you haven’t “Liked” my Facebook page, and you have a Facebook account, I’d greatly appreciate getting more likes on my page. Thanks!