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Knitting Lace is Fun

Hey Everyone!

I have spent as much free time as I could could come up with the past few days working on my teal falling leaves wrap. I finally got halfway done. I use two skeins of Patons Lace Yarn for each wrap. When I completed a knit row and purl row and don’t have enough yarn to knit across and purl back on what is left of the first skein is what I consider to be my half way mark. To finish the wrap out on the second skein, I go until I don’t have enough yarn to complete another 16 rows (which is a pattern repeat), and cast off, is when I cast off the wrap and complete the project. 

Here late last year/early this year I had made one for my mom in the same color, but she wanted a knit border around the edges which I did for her. That is how I can tell hers and mine apart, as I didn’t want the border on mine. 

Leaf Lace is a fairly simple lace to learn how to knit. It has taken me some practice but I am getting it, and I love it. It is so dainty, delicate and feminine, and when using a heavier lace weight yarn, sturdier than some other laces.