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Using Metal Needles

Hey Everyone!

It has been years since I used metal knitting needles, and quite honestly I hated using them back then.

A few months ago, when I was in a yarn store a few months ago the employee made a blanket statement that I took some issue with. She had something along the lines of “all experienced knitters prefer metal needles”. I didn’t say anything, but in my head I was like “excuse me? I have been knitting for almost 25 years, and I prefer wooden needles”

So I bought some metal DPN’s (double pointed needles) and after one sock, I can honestly say that after nearly 25 years of knitting, I can’t stand metal needles. When I finish the sock I am working on (in order to keep a consistent gauge), I will not be using metal needles any longer, and going back to my preferred wooden ones.

One of the things I hate about metal needles is that they are slippery. They are constantly slipping out of my knitting and don’t hold onto the knitting or slipping out of my hands, so the control isn’t there. I have also had larger projects stick, and have to yank on more on straight metal needles than on wooden needles. It also depends on the type of yarn you are using.

So no, not all experienced knitters like metal needles. Some of us prefer wood / bamboo needles.

What I like to tell people when I get asked which one is best, is that in my opinion plastic is useless and a pain in the butt, though the choice between metal and wood / bamboo is really a personal preference.

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Favorite Knitting Needles

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I shared my favorite yarns with you yesterday, I thought I would talk about my favorite knitting needles today.

I love using wooden knitting needles, I have a set of size 9 straight bamboo knitting needles, I have two circular knitting needles with bamboo tips, one is size 7 the other is size 9, and I have a pair of Knit Picks 10″ straight rainbow wooden knitting needles in size 7.

I learned how to knit on plastic knitting needles, and I cannot stand using plastic knitting needles. It is so difficult to move the stitches along the needle to push them down the needles so I have room to continue working the work, or to push them back up closer to the top so I can work them. Plastic knitting needles have gone by the wayside long ago of what I keep in my knitting bag.

I have several pairs of metal knitting needles, and while they are not my favorite, they are by far much better than the plastic needles in my opinion. I have used metal needles for years, and are used to them, but now that I have had wooden needles I can tell a difference in quality.

My first set of clover bamboo knitting needles was my straight size 9 bamboo needles, and over time I have been replacing my metal needles with wooden ones as I have had the money to do so. The stitches move more freely along the wooden needles, and they don’t get stuck along the way somewhere. I have used everything from lace weight to bulky yarns on my wooden needles and they are the ones that have been the best to work with for any weight of yarn I have used. I also just prefer the feel of the bamboo and wooden needles, they are a lot smoother, and easier to handle for me.

Wooden or Bamboo Knitting Needles are just my personal preference, and each person might say differently. If you are a beginning knitter and wanting a good knitting needle, I highly recommend Wooden or Bamboo knitting needles, and metal ones are decent enough for a more reasonable cost.