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New Years Goals

Hey Everyone!

The year has begun, and I already have a few projects that I know will help take up what little free time I have now that I am working full time.

The first is that I am still trying to finish my mom’s Christmas gift, which I have almost complete. I should have it done by the end of the week.

I also have a baby gift for one of my cousins to make, which I am excited about, and it will be easier than the project that I have been working on for my mom for the last several months.

This year I am also going to set aside time to write three blog posts a week, one each for my life blog, my food blog and for this blog in addition a monthly blog post and vlog for my adventure blog and youtube channel. I know I am setting myself some challenges, but I want to meet if not exceed those goals.

I also want to thank those of you who follow my blog, and I appreciate you all sticking with me over the last couple months as I have not had the time to blog, and have let them slack from what I have been up to. For now I am not going to be able to keep the 5 posts a week on this blog that I had done last spring after my last job hadn’t worked out. I am hoping that with writing one or two post a week for each of my blogs, I have quality posts with good content for you all to read.

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Friday Night Knit Night

Hey Everyone!

This evening I spent inside working on my current series of knitting projects. Spending the evening watching shows or listening to music while working on projects is a relaxing way to unwind and calm down. Knitting is my creative outlet. It is also one of the things that challenges me, calms me, gets me excited, and one of the things I love doing with my time and my life.

It all goes back to the summer I was 10, and bored out of my mind by the end of June, and was ready for school to start again, with another month to go. I had asked my grandma to teach me to knit, and I have stuck with it ever since. Now I am glad that I did. I love the feel of yarn, and getting lost in the yarn section of the craft store, or spending hours in a yarn store dreaming up the projects I could make if I had the money for the yarn.

I love knitting, It is one of those things that is always on my mind, and dream about. Yes I do get out and go do things, and do take breaks from it, but even then I am thinking about it, or yarn. I am still trying to figure out a way to get paid to do what I love without having to own my own business.

I have three projects going at the moment, I have my mom’s Christmas gift that I am working on, I have a wrap that I am working on for myself, and I have infant leggings for a friend of mine who has twins, and wants leg warmers small enough for her little guys.

For my wrap I am using lion brand fishermen’s wool in oatmeal, and it is super soft. I am loving it. As some of you already know, Fishermen’s Wool is my favorite yarn for projects for myself. A lot of what I have made in the past few years has been made of Fishermen’s Wool. I got started using it about 2 or 3 years ago, I had been wanting to try it for a while before that, but I had been waiting until I had the money to buy my first skein. It was well worth the wait, and worth the money. Once I had made my first hat and scarf from it, I was hooked, and bought subsequent skeins, and have made many more projects with it. Beings that it still retains it natural Lanolin it is softer than other wool. It also washes and wears better than regular wool. The Lanolin is a natural water repellent which is helpful in the part of the country I live in, where most of the winter is gray and damp.

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Knit Flat Finger-less Gloves!

Hey Everyone!

in the past few days I have been working really hard to get some finger-less gloves finished, using one of the skeins of yarn I had purchased at the craft store in my most recent craft store shopping trip/haul. Once I got the pair for the gift done, I had yarn left over, so I decided to see if I had enough to get another pair knit up for myself. I had just enough to make two full pairs of finger-less gloves.

The yarn I used was Patons Classic Wool Worsted yarn in Natural Mix. It comes in a 100 g/ 3.5 oz skein which contains approximately 192 m / 210 yds of 100% wool yarn to work with.

The pattern I used, was one I had come up with. I cast on 35 stitches, knit off the first row then I knit 8 rows of 1×1 ribbing before switching to stockinette stitch. I had also put cables in mine. I used the cast on edge as the bottom (or the highest part of my arm) and the cast off edge as the top (landing at my knuckles). I then did 30 rows of stockinette before finishing with 8 more rows of 1×1 ribbing.

For the Cables, on the right glove I started it in the left side of the front (so it was closer to the end of the knit row). How I did that was I knit over 17+4 then did the two purl stitches and knit six stitches, purled two more stitches and knit the last four. For the left glove I knit over 4 stitches, purled 2, knit 6, purled 2, knit 4+17. I did my cabling on the 5th row (of six in the pattern). for the right glove I held the stitches to the back when cabling, and for the right glove I held the stitches to the front.

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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is about 3.5 months away, which means that it is time to start thinking about the Christmas gifts I will be knitting for people. One of which will take me a while to work on. I am starting my friends Christmas gift. I picked up the yarn today at the craft store, and her gift will be simple enough for me to knit up. Right now my local Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore is starting a round of coupons, most of which are good next week (which will be nice so I can finish getting the yarn I need for Christmas gifts), as well as having sales on their fall decorations so going yarn, craft and decoration shopping is hard for me to say no to, even if it is more or less window shopping. I picked up a couple little wooden pumpkin decorations since they were half off so I got both for the price of one, then one of the yarns I bought was on sale, and the other yarn I bought I was able to use the 40% off one full price item coupon for, which was a good buy on my favorite brand of yarn. I did not pay full price for anything today at Joann. I was super happy about that. 

I am also working on finishing the poncho I started awhile back. I am working on the second piece of it. It has been slow going the last few weeks with having so much going on. I am really wanting to get it done before the weather really starts turning. I want to make use of it this fall and winter. 

The poncho I am working on, as well as my friend’s Christmas gift are being made of 100% wool. I used to not like working with, and wearing wool. I used to think it was too hard to care for, wash and such. Then I decided to give it a try, and I fell in love with using it for personal projects. After working at a knitting studio for 5.5 months where we worked with a lot of cashmere and cashmere blends I learned about washing techniques as well as wool was and shampoos. I have also taken to storing my knit wears in plastic buckets with lids, and putting cedar blocks in with my wool garments. Wool has gone from being my least favorite fiber to work with to being my favorite for using for myself. I am excited for fall and winter to get here so I can pull out all the hats and scarves I have knit up, and be able to wear them again. 


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I can finally talk about it!

Hey Everyone! 

I finally got my hush hush project completed early this morning. I had the baby shower later on in the morning, into the early afternoon and was able to gift the hush hush project to its intended recipient – an expectant mom of twin boys, who is also one of my best friends older sister’s. 

Why I couldn’t and wouldn’t talk about it until now is because I know my friend will at least occasionally if not regularly read my blog, so I couldn’t say anything about it on a forum that she would see. 

I had made two little blankets for two little boys.  I started this project literally two weeks ago and made two baby blankets in two weeks. that totally sounds crazy, and I think I might be crazy for attempting it. I knew I could do it, and I did do it. There were a few distractions, and needing to go help set up for Vacation Bible School (which I am excited about), that took some time away from knitting, but I totally needed the distractions. It was a challenge that i took on, and I completed it. 

The yarn I used, was some I had picked up at a Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore near me, a while back and I had picked it up both skeins with no intended recipient, I had just liked the colors. I knew I would use it for baby blankets at some points, and the point came sooner rather than later. I love the Sea Blue/Tiffany Blue, and beings that my friend is having boys, these came in perfect for this project. The yarn is also 100% acrylic and machine washable and dryable which is a necessity with kids.

I love how these two blankets turned out. I had gotten thinking, while working on these about how back, even 100 – 150 years ago, if you were able to buy something at the general store in town it was such a treat. Now days it means so much more to receive something handmade. it is interesting to see how things can do a 180 because of how our culture and society changes. Knitting, Crocheting, and even sewing have been all but forgotten about crafts that when someone goes to the time and effort to hand make items, how much more special those items are. 

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Hush Hush Projects

Hey Everyone! 

I have been making good progress on my current project that I need to have done in a week and a half. I still have several more sections to go on the first project, but I am hoping to get it done by Friday night if not sooner, then start on the second project so I can have them done in time for what I need them done for. 

So far I am loving how this first project is turning out. I am not going into much detail here, because I do not want the recipient to find out about I am making, and I know that she might if I actually spilled the beans. So, for those of you who are curious to find out what I am working on, you will just have to wait a bit longer, but I will be sharing with you guys what I have been making once I have given the gift. 

I have known for a while that I love knitting, and making things with my hands. I love the joy and sense of accomplishment a completed project brings me. I also love sharing that with others and helping them learn the craft I love so much, or give them ideas and inspiration for projects that can create themselves. 


What’s Going On

Hey Everyone! 

It is hard to believe that it is August already. This month I am going to be taking a break from my normally scheduled posts. These next couple of weeks I have two projects I am wanting to get done, as they are for gifts, but I can’t really talk about them or show you all what they are until after I have given them to the recipient, which will be in a couple of weeks. After that is done I will then be helping with VBS at church, and have Jury Duty the week after. 

I hope you all understand that I love writing posts, and coming up with ideas and such for this blog, but just need a break for a bit, and plan to come back in a month with a lot of new and great posts. I do plan to post throughout the month with updates about the two projects I am working on for my friend, as well as the other two projects I am letting sit for a couple of weeks. 

Thank You all for understanding. 

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Project of the Week: Cancer Cap

Hi Everyone!

I have so many projects going on right now, because it is getting close to the end of the year, that there is just so much to do, and it is winter.

This week I will talk a bit about the project I started over the weekend. I know, I know, some of you may be thinking “that girl started ANOTHER project, will she get any of them done?”. Yes I started another project, and yes I will get them all done. The project I started is actually for the wife of one of my mom’s co-workers, who is starting chemo soon, so I want to get the hat I am making for her done pretty soon, that is the main priority right now. I am making a cabled hat, using Lion Brand babysoft yarn in Baby White Pompadour and Pastel Blue. Beings that it is three ply yarn I am knitting it double stranded, the blue and white together. I used size 7 needles for the ribbing, and I am using my bamboo size 9 needles for the stockinette portion of the hat.

There is more to life than just knitting for personal gain or for someone else’s personal gain who can afford to buy the basic necessities and isn’t facing a major health crisis, and is in need of support and comfort. I knit to help children who cannot provide for their own needs, and do not have the same access to warm clothes, food and such that I have had, as well as for those who are facing life and death health issues, and are in need of some extra love, support and comfort. I also knit for friends and family who actually appreciate having a hand knit item, and that receiving something handmade is more valuable than anything they could buy at the store. That is what keeps me knitting, and that is where my roots are, in using something I know how to do to help those in need, and actually appreciate what I know how to do.