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Wool Winter Hat for a friend

Hey Everyone! 

Last night I finished up the hat I have been working on for a good friend of mine. 

For Christmas 2014 I had made her a scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves, so she wanted a hat to complete the set. 

For her hat I used about half a skein of Patons Classic Wool Worsted in natural mix, and I used my size 7 clover bamboo needles to knit up the hat. 

I had made a run out to Astoria and the neighboring towns of Warrenton ad Hammond and had gone to the JoAnn’s out there. I had wanted to see it in comparison to the JoAnn’s that is near where I live and compare the two. I had wanted to go to the coast so it was the perfect opportunity to go out to that Joann’s and get yarn for my friends hat while I was there. 

I had also decided to use the seed stitch / British Moss Stitch to add some texture and to make some of the stitches pop, for accent.   
As crazy as life is at the moment, and with as much as I have going on, hats are easy and quick to knit up, I got this hat done in less than a week. 

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Hats for Infants in Nepal and Uganda

Hey Everyone!

One of my Facebook Page followers shared with me a ravelry group she has. She collects infants hats that will then be sent on to University of British Columbia students who go to Nepal and Uganda, and they take the hats collected to infants in need.

I will be sharing the link below, and if any of you can help out with this cause, that would be fantastic and much appreciated.

When I find out about other people who are doing things that benefit children in need, I like to share them, and pass along the information.

Click  Here to go to the hats for infants ravelry group.

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Goals for the rest of 2015

Hey Everyone!

Now that I have gifts taken care of, I figure that it is time to really figure out what I want to get done in the way of charity knitting for this year.

This year I will complete five sweaters, including the one I am currently working on. I will also use up the balls of yarn I have sitting on my floor, as well as what is left over from the sweaters I knit this year, for hats for children in India.

I am currently working on a size ten sweater. I am working to cumulatively have the same number of each size sweater made. I will need to make one more size 6 sweater, two size 8 sweaters and one more size 10 sweater (in addition to the one I am currently working on) to have fourteen of each size of sweater. From there I want to go to making sets (a sweater of each size), and keep my sweater totals the same across the board.

I have several good size balls of yarn sitting around that are really too small for sweaters, but work great for making hats, which is what I plan to use them for. I am wanting to get them used up and made into something that will be sent to children living in poverty.

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Christmas Gifts

Hey Everyone!

I have been making progress on the Christmas gifts I have been knitting. I got my friends gift completely finished. I just need to work on my mom’s gift.

Beings that I am well on my way to completing the Christmas gifts that I am hand making I have started working on more infant hats. I have been making a lot of progress on the yarn I have sitting in my knitting area. Once I get this yarn used up I will post a picture of the hats that I have completed. It has been a while since I have worked on a sweater. I do kind of miss working on sweaters but my attention has been elsewhere for the past few months. I haven’t given up or quit making them though. I plan to return to them once I get Christmas gifts and infant hats done.

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Infant Hats and Christmas Gifts

In between working on the Christmas gifts that I am working on, that are a bit more complex, and require more attention I have also had some infant hats going at the same time. I have plenty of baby yarn left over from other projects that I am wanting to get used up for a good cause, so I have been using the balls I have sitting over here for infant hats. I currently have 10 infant hats complete. I am looking into charities that get the hats to hospitals and birthing centers in the high poverty areas here in the US. One that I know of – Bundles of Joy, is a group that donates their time and hats to infants born in the Pine Ridge Reservation OB Ward. The reservation is located in South Dakota.

The fact that there are areas within the US where unemployment is over 75%, and whole communities live without electricity, indoor plumbing, sewage systems, and telephones. Seeing infants born into this system where the infant mortality rate is around 5 times the national average is heart breaking. That is why I like using the talent I have been given, in knitting to give back to those who are much less fortunate than I am.

Some may ask, why I do it, when these infants will grow up and are roughly 4 times more likely to commit suicide as a teenager, or join a gang, and if they grow into adulthood 3/4 if not more of them will be unemployed for their entire adult lives, and be alcoholics, and if the alcohol doesn’t get them, another health condition related to the alcohol or poor diet will. While this argument is very valid, My answer is yes, that is all true, but there is also that small fraction of a population that will make a better life for themselves. Do you want to deprive those the opportunity to be able to contribute, or make a difference by letting them die as infants do to not being kept warm? That is why I knit for the infants, and I would love to see each of the infants born into poverty receive a handmade blanket and hat, knowing full well that few of them will be able to rise above the generational poverty.

As for the Christmas gifts I am working on, I am making progress on both the falling leaves wrap and the six strand braided cable scarf. The scarf is knitting up faster than the wrap because it is not as intricate of a pattern, so I am able to work on it while watching YouTube videos, or shows on hulu, or working on other things on the computer. The falling leaves wrap requires more focused concentration, and I can only have music playing while working on it. Both of these will be done before Christmas.

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Charity Knitting Monday Is Back!

Hey Everyone! 

I am excited to be bringing back Charity Project Monday, and Personal Project Tuesday posts. August was a busy month for me, and I needed the break from regular blogs to focus on a couple last minute baby gifts for a friend, as well as Vacation Bible School and Jury Duty. Now that those are done, and Summer is officially over in terms of the activities beings that it is labor day weekend and where I am school starts for the kids this week, summer vacation is over. That means I am back to looking for a job, and back to knitting regularly and blogging about it. 

This week for Charity Project Monday, I wanted to let you know that I completed the size 10 sweater that i have been working on for close to two months. That is the longest a sweater has taken me in the past few years. For this sweater I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in Pastel Green. I used a ribbed pattern up the front to tell it apart from the back. 

Now that I have this sweater done, I am switching gears to use up the baby yarn i have sitting next to me for some charity projects. I am going to be making infant hats, that I plan to send to a reputable cause here within the U.S. for Infants born into poverty here within my own country. I love helping kids around the world, the children here in my own country who live in areas where extreme poverty is prevalent breaks my heart. These infants did not ask to be born into the conditions they were born into, and they are helpless, and that breaks my heart. While a hat at the very beginning may be a little thing, it could mean the difference between them making it. 


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Spreading my Knitting Around

Hey Everyone!

In addition to working on the size 10 knit for kids sweater I talked about last week, I have also been working on hats for children in need over the weekend. I am trying to get some more infant hats knit up for the Bundles of Joy project, which oversees baby items that are made for babies born on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

I have mentioned in the past that I enjoy making items for children in need, especially for children within my own country.

Having so much baby yarn as it is, makes knitting infant hats all that much easier. While I try to use the big skeins for blankets first, once I have gotten blankets made, then I will often use what is left over for hats for infants or children in need.

Hats are also an important item to knit and donate because they help keep children’s heads warm when it is cold. In some areas kids receive coats but they don’t get hats as well unless someone or some group comes together to make these children hats.

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Hats Pattern

I had a request come in for this pattern, so I thought I would share it.

Size # stitches needed Ribbing (small (size 5*) needles) Stockinette (Larger (size 7*) Needles)
Infant 60 Knit 2 Purl 2 for 2 in 3.25 in
Child 68 Knit 2 Purl 2 for 2 in 4 in
Teen 76 Knit 2 Purl 2 for 2 in 5.5 in
Adult 88 Knit 2 Purl 2 for 2 in 6.5 inches (average adult woman’s head) add more rows for larger heads
To Shape Crown:
Row 1 (Front) K2 P2 – Together across
Row 2 (Back) K2 P1 across
Row 3 (Front) K2 P1 across
Row 4 (Back) K2 – Together, P1 across
Row 5 (Front) K1 P1 Across
Row 6 (Back) K1 P1 Across
Row 7 (Front) K2 – Together across
Row 8 (Back) K1, K2 – Together across
Cut Yarn leaving 14 Inches to run through remaining stitches, sew up tightly, and sew up the seam with a yarn needle.

*For thicker yarns such as wool, I used size 7 and size 9 needles.

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30 Days, 30 hats challenge

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was the last day of April, and the end of my 30 days, 30 hats challenge, in which I only completed 17 hats over the course of the month.

I uploaded pictures regularly over the course of the month to my facebook page and to ravelry, The pictures are in an album on my facebook page labeled 30 hats in 30 days challenge if you wish to check them out.

I had (and still generally have) a wicker basket full of thinner/baby weight and bulky yarn as well as partial skeins of yarn that would need to have yarn purchased to to with it in order to make a sweater, so I wanted to put them to good use, and I needed a project to work on this past month, so I set out to work on hats this past month.

Life happens, sometimes our goals change or are tweaked, but that is what life is about. Life is about accepting the challenge and everything that comes with that challenge.


Perfect Night to Knit

As the light fades from the sky into darkness and the clouds crawl in over the mountains the knitter sits at her computer knitting while watching YouTube videos.

I totally had to blog about the perfect knitting weather I am experiencing right now. Never heard of perfect knitting weather? It is the rainy, cool  weather where if you aren’t me, you want to curl up and stay inside until the sun comes out again. I love this weather for either going out and exploring the forest or for staying inside and working on knitting projects while watching YouTube videos. I love the way the clouds are like a blanket over the top of the valley that I live in. I love the way that the rain makes the air smell. I love that the air is still cool and while it is cloudy/rainy the temperature doesn’t vary as much (aka it stays cooler and consistent).

I know that I mentioned in my last post that I plan on starting another sweater after I finish out the month of April with knitting hats, while I have a sweater in the works I also want to work on some personal projects using the wool that I have stashed away.

If you are interested in hearing about the personal projects I am knitting, leave me a comment below! Thanks.