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Infant Leg Warmers

Hey Everyone!

This evening I finished an order I had received for six pairs of infant leg warmers for a friend’s month and a half old twin sons. She had found some, but they were too big for her little guys. As she had been lamenting that fact to her sister who is a good friend of mine, her sister had mentioned that I know how to knit, and could likely make some that fit her little guys who are about the size of the average newborn.

The last time I had made leg warmers was while working at the knitting studio, using a knitting machine. Though it was simple enough then, that I knew I could take what I had learned then, do a little research, and then make some that were small enough for these little guys.

I got to work with really pretty blues, a pastel green, a white with pastel blue and green variegated throughout. The twins mom also wanted two pairs of black leg warmers for the boys for Halloween. Those were the two pairs I knit up so they would for sure be done in time for tomorrow, which would be the last opportunity I would have to see the boy’s mom, aunts or grandmother (who could take the leg warmers to the twin’s mom) before Halloween. I also pushed myself to complete all six pairs before tomorrow as well, so they would be done and the boys could wear them.