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Making Progress

Hey everyone!

This past week I have been making progress on my Celtic Knot infinity scarf. I am loving how it is coming along. The pattern repeats itself every 16 rows, and I have knit the pattern 8 times so far.

I am excited to see how it turns out when I get it done.

I love having a project in the works that I will be able to use and enjoy for years to come.

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What’s on my Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

This week I am still working on the sweater, the baby blanket and dish cloth that I talked about in last weeks post. I did get the hat reknit and completed this past week.

This past week I started a Celtic Knot infinity scarf for myself, using lion brand fishermen’s wool in nature’s brown which is what I had left over from finishing my latest wool shawl and hat for myself. I love working with Fishermen’s Wool, and it is my favorite yarn for personal use that is easily obtained to the general public in craft stores here in the States.

As the weather is getting warmer I am trying to get my wool projects done, so that they will be done in time for next fall and winter.

I have also been working steadily on the baby blanket so I can get that done.  I want to get the sweater done, don’t get me wrong on that. I am just trying to get all the baby weight sport yarn that I have used up and made into projects to make more room for myself. I am also trying to get as many baby blankets as I can, so that I have them done.

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Projects of the Week (November 11th)

Hi Everyone!

It is monday again, which means another Project of the Week Post! well for this week, I will tell you about the three projects I have in the works, so it is more of a Projects of the Week post.

This week I have been working on hats using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Dark Orchid. I have the infinity scarf I have been working on using Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in True Red as my purse project for when I get to work early, or get somewhere early, and I have a tube scarf (aka my knitting in the round project) in the works, using Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn in Gems.

I am still working on hats because I still have quite a bit of smaller skeins, baby yarn, and partial skeins of yarn that wouldn’t make a sweater or go with something I have, and I really don’t want to buy more yarn for sweaters, or other projects to be donated since I have so much around here as it is. I am trying to get as much of this yarn used up as I can before buying any more yarn for projects for kids in need.

I am working to get my infinity scarf done in the next month, before the Christmas events get into full swing. The tube scarf I am making is for practicing knitting in the round, so that I can get more comfortable with it before I try knitting socks again.

For work I use a knitting machine, but I prefer hand knitting, and it is more relaxing, and I enjoy doing it in my free time. I have been knitting with knitting needles for so long that it is second nature to me now, and for the most part, (other than knitting in the round or doing a more complex knit pattern), I can knit by feel, and I don’t have to be looking at it all the time.

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End of October Knitting Projects

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new Project of the Week, and a new day for the Project of the Week Series. Beings that for the time being anyway, I don’t work on monday’s I will be doing my Project of the Week posts on Monday’s instead of Wednesdays.

This past week I have been working on hats for kids in need, and an infinity scarf for myself. I have not been getting a lot of work done on the projects during the work week because I have been busy, and friday night I went out of town for a baby shower after I got off of work.

For the baby hats I have been using a skein of Bernat Baby Sport yarn in Candy, and for the infinity scarf I am using Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in True Red. For the infinity scarf I am also using the moss stitch to give it some texture, and I am knitting it with size 11 needles.

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Knitting News

Hey Everyone!

I know I have been away for a bit, but I am trying to get back into the blogging groove as I adjust to a new job and was out of town for a week.

Since I started my job, I have been learning how to use a knitting machine, which got me thinking here in the last couple of days, that if I can learn how to use a knitting machine, there is nothing but myself stopping me from learning how to knit socks, which is something I really want to learn how to do now. I am also wanting to make boot liners for rubber boots for myself, and I figured that would be the perfect project to use some Fishermen’s Wool that a friend of mine picked up for me, when she found it greatly discounted, because a particular store was closing out their stock of it.  With the help of Ravelry, pictures, and Youtube tutorials, there are plenty of resources out there to help me learn how to knit socks and boot liners.

Today I have been working on finishing up a child size hat that I have had in the works for the last few days. I have also been been working on an infinity scarf here lately, I worked on it a bit at the baby shower I went to yesterday. Yesterday was the baby shower for a friend of mine who loves purple, so I had knit her a purple baby blanket and purple baby hat and put a package of baby wipes and a pack of two minnie mouse pacifiers with it.



Working on Gifts for Friends

Hi Everyone! 

I am back with another project of the week post, for this week is going to be a bit vague, beings as I have been working on finishing up a baby gift for a friend. 

I have also been working on an infinity scarf that I mentioned a post or two ago. Over the weekend, I restarted it several times, the first time being because I didn’t like how wide it was, and I had messed up on the pattern, so that was start over number one. I started it over several more times because I was trying different patterns, but eventually came back to the moss stitch pattern, and just making it narrower. 

I have also been going through ideas, for what I am going to be making a friend of mine for Christmas. I have the yarn, and the basic idea of what I am going to make, I am just debating on the patterns to use for her gift. 


Project of the Week: Infinity Scarf

*The size 6 sweater I have been working on the last few posts is still a WIP, about half way done with the sleeves* but that is not what I am going to be writing about this week. 

This Week, I will be writing about the infinity scarf, which I started yesterday. I decided that I wanted to make an infinity scarf a few days ago. I was able to go to the craft store and buy yarn for this project yesterday, beings that I spent two days babysitting. 

It took me a while to decide on what yarn I wanted to buy for this project. Longer than any other project I have bought yarn for, to date. I finally found some that I liked, and would be good for a scarf, and go well with different jackets and coats when it gets cooler. I wanted this scarf to be cute, yet warm, anything I knit serves two purposes, to look nice, and to keep the part of the body it was knit for, warm. The yarn I chose for this project is Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in True Red. I purchased three skeins of this yarn. 

As for the pattern, I am using the moss stitch, which is alternating knit and purl every stitch. It is easy enough to keep working with. I am using size 9 knitting needles.