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Finally made some progress

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I have done a sweater update. I have been so busy since Thanksgiving that my current world vision knit for kids sweater has seriously been sitting for months, and barely been touched. 

Today I was helping one of the other ladies from church who has recently started knitting sweaters with her current sweater. It reminded me why I knit sweaters for children and what I am passionate about, which is helping others. Whether that is helping children in need or helping someone learn to do something I know how to do, and being able to sit down with them and walk through the process with them so they understand it. 

I had gone for a drive out in the country yesterday, and anyone who knows me can tell you, for most of the past decade all I have wanted is to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere yet I ended up back in the big city after college. While I was out driving, God was dealing with me. That for now anyway my purpose and mission is here in this city that I have spent most of my life not being able to stand. I began to understand the role I am to play here, and the life I am supposed to lead. That includes helping people and building relationships with people. 

I spent some time this afternoon after I got back from church working on my sweater, and I have made a fair amount of progress. I am definitely ready to get it done, so I don’t have it sitting for more months. I am also really trying to get back to having only two knitting projects in the works, I currently have 4 in progress. 


Charity Project Monday

Just sitting

Hey Everyone!

I made it to the back sleeves of my size 8 knit for kids sweater.

This sweater has given me something to work on when I don’t want to focus on my current personal project.

This past week has been a busy one, and has kept me on my toes. The next two weeks will continue to keep me busy.

Charity Project Monday

Rose Sweater

Hey Everyone!

This week I have continued working on the size 8 sweater I am working on using a Caron one pound skein of yarn in Rose. As of writing this post I am about half way up working on the sleeves of the front. I am continuing the braided cable up into the sleeves, and it will go until about 5 rows from the top.

I know that the order of what sizes I have been making don’t make a lot of sense. I am mainly trying to knit up a lot more size 6, 8 and 10 sweaters, because I currently only have 12 size 6 sweaters complete, and 11 of each size 8 and 10 sweaters complete where as I have 14 of each size 2 and 4 complete (these numbers are from when I started knitting sweaters until now). I am trying to get my total numbers of each size evened out, so then from there I can make sets (for which there would be one of each size).

For those of you who read my blog regularly, would you be interested in seeing a video on YouTube (in addition to the weekly charity knitting Monday blog post) about each sweater once I get it completed?

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Started a New Sweater

Hey Everyone!

I completed the size 6 sweater that I had spent all of last week, and a bit of the week before working. I completed that this past Friday night. After having finished that I started a size 8 sweater.

For the size 8 sweater that I am working on I am using a Caron one pound skein in Rose that I had picked up at Joann fabric and craft a couple months back. I chose to use this skein for this particular sweater, as I am still working the complicated scarf. Working with one color, and having a big skein mean that I don’t have to think about changing skeins, and changing colors. It makes things fairly easy while I spend more time working on my personal project.

Beings that I am using a solid color I am putting a braid up the middle. I know I posted the pattern just this past Thursday. That is a coincidence that I had scheduled that post a while back, and then a few days after it went up, I start using it in a sweater. (so yes, as for some of my patterns I wrote the post and scheduled it ahead of time).

Knitting, Whats on the Needles Wednesday

Reasonable Work Load

Hey Everyone!

This week I am finally down to two regular projects (a personal and a charity project) and a purse project, as I took the blanket off the needles as I would not have had enough yarn to finish it without buying more, and I already have enough yarn as it is, so I just wound the yarn into a ball and I plan to use it for hats.

Being back to two main projects is much more reasonable. My Falling Leaves scarf is the project which is allowing me to challenge myself and learn more, while making something for myself. The knit for kids sweater I am working on gives me something to pick up and work on while I am sitting at the computer working on blog posts, or a vlog, or just watching vlogs.

As I make progress on my current projects I love being able to be as creative as I am, and would love to be able to do more, especially once I get my own place, with decorating and such.

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Answering the Call to Knit

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another Charity Project Monday post. Since I completed my last sweater this past Thursday I started another size 6 sweater. Since starting this latest sweater, I have made it to the front sleeves.

For the sweater that I am currently working on, I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Aruba Blue and Calliope. I had purchased this yarn at my local Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore. I love the yarn selection this store has.

I work on sweaters for kids in need, because it is the passion, talent, ministry, and call that has been put on my life, to be used to do something to help those in need. Helping the poor is something each of us should do, I love being able to use knowing how to knit to do something constructive with my life, and I also love being able to blog about it, and share it with you all through my blog, facebook and ravelry. I know that knitting for kids in need will always be a part of my life.

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Project of the Week: August 14th, 2013

It is Wednesday yet again, which means, another project of the week Post!

This week’s project of the week is a size 6 sweater, using all Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Fall. I love this color combination of yarn. It really does make me think of fall, which I am really looking forward to being back. The only thing I don’t like about this specific yarn is that it is a bit rougher and not as soft as some of it can be.

I went with this yarn, because I wanted something not as bright to work on beings that the last several of my sweaters have been brighter, and I was ready for something darker, and easier on the eyes. I picked the Fall skeins because I am so ready for fall to be here, and have the cooler weather that comes with fall.

This sweater that I am working on is the 15th sweater of the year. It is interesting to see how I have been knitting up more sweaters each year, over the last several years.