Fall is Coming!

Hey Everyone! 

I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, I have been busy. The week right after my last post I was crew leader for Vacation Bible School at church, and this past week I had jury duty for 3 days. 

Now that I have had a few days back into the swing of knitting, and back to my normal life, I have really noticed that Fall is definitely in the air. I started smelling it in the air a couple of weeks ago. Where I live, the transition from summer into fall often starts with a few of the leaves starting to turn colors a little bit, followed by a change in the way the air smells. It is hard to describe unless you have experienced it yourself. Early fall has its own unique smell. 

Since Thursday I have been spending a lot of time working on the size 10 sweater that I have had in the works for a bit. I am working on the back sleeves, and it is nearing completion, which I am excited about. 

After I am done with my sweater, I want to get the poncho I am working on done, and get it linked, washed and dried. I am excited for the prospect of having it done in time for when the weather actually gets cooler so I can actually wear it. I am also planning on spending some time working on infant hats, since I have a lot of three ply baby yarn sitting around. While I don’t know for sure where I will be sending the infant hats, I have an idea of where I would like to send them to be put to use. 

Beings that the weather is starting to cool off, I am so ready to dive into more (and larger) knitting projects. 

Charity Project Monday, Knitting, World Vision Knit for Kids

Spreading my Knitting Around

Hey Everyone!

In addition to working on the size 10 knit for kids sweater I talked about last week, I have also been working on hats for children in need over the weekend. I am trying to get some more infant hats knit up for the Bundles of Joy project, which oversees baby items that are made for babies born on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

I have mentioned in the past that I enjoy making items for children in need, especially for children within my own country.

Having so much baby yarn as it is, makes knitting infant hats all that much easier. While I try to use the big skeins for blankets first, once I have gotten blankets made, then I will often use what is left over for hats for infants or children in need.

Hats are also an important item to knit and donate because they help keep children’s heads warm when it is cold. In some areas kids receive coats but they don’t get hats as well unless someone or some group comes together to make these children hats.

Charity Project Monday

Making Some Progress

Hey Everyone!

I have been making some progress on my sweater this past week. I am on the back sleeves, and they are slowly but surely being added to. It is nice to have an easy project to pick up and work on during the day when I just want something to work on for a few minutes before having to go out again.

The past week has been incredibly busy, so being able to knit a little bit on my sweater here and there has been nice. Not having to think about what I am doing every time I pick it up is great.

Getting this project done by the end of the week is high on my list, as I have today, most of tomorrow, and most of Thursday to work on it, I have 16 rows to get knocked out, and I know I can do it.