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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Hey Everyone!

I have recently been on a bit of a yarn ordering binge. While most of what I have ordered is autumnal and Christmas colored yarn, not all of it is autumnal and Christmas colored.

On Wednesday, the last of the fall collection Yarns I had ordered from Forbidden Fiber Company arrived, and I got it wound as well that afternoon. I had ordered this yarn, mainly because I haven’t ordered a hank of Gluttony Sock yarn, until this point. I am trying to work as many of the different Fingering weight Yarns from Forbidden Fiber Company as I can. This particular colorway is: Campfire.

The wound cake of Campfire actually kinda reminds me of S’mores.

Today, I had a couple more orders arrive. One being the last of my orders from Forbidden Fiber Company. Tuesday was world suicide prevention day, so, for all the Neil Diamond Collection Yarns ordered on the day, the owner of Forbidden Fiber Company was donating to a suicide prevention organization. So, I had ordered a hank of “you don’t bring me flowers”. This colorway is on the honor base, which is not one of the common bases for their colorways. The honor yarn Base is 50% superwash merino and 50% Silk.

I am always out trying to find different sock yarn bases to try that have different fiber makeups, that are not purely wool / merino / nylon in their fiber makeups. So far, of the ones I have actually worked with, Babel (which is 10% Yak Fiber) is my favorite.

My order from Long Dog Yarn, arrived today as well.

The grey is Charcoal (though I thought it was called Coal Miner on the website) on the sock base, the teal is called, Dream Weaver, on the bounce sock Base. Last but not least, on the right is the colorway: “make it pink, make it blue” on the bounce sock base. This colorway is part of the Disney inspired Collection, and based on Sleeping Beauty, where the fairy godmothers keep changing Princess Aurora’s / Briar Rose’s dress from pink to blue and back again, when she is dancing with the prince around the end of the film.

The last of the sock yarn I ordered should be coming in, in a couple of weeks. Since I have a fair amount of autumn yarn wound at this point, I am going to hold off on winding what came today, until the rest of my yarn arrives, and just wind it up in one crazy winding session.

Now that Autumn is here, knitting cozy socks and accessories is going to be my main focus besides work.

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Spring is Coming!!!!

Hey Everyone!

I finished the pair of socks I had been working on in my previous post.

I had used Stroll Tweed in Marine Heather from KnitPicks for this particular pair of socks.

I came to the conclusion I have more than enough KnitPicks yarn for socks and shawls, and I really need to knit up what I already have. I really want to see my stash of sock yarn and shawl yarn decrease and my finished personal projects increase.

With that being said I did pick up some yarn yesterday at My local Joann fabric and craft superstore, for a project I am going to be working on once I get the projects I have in the works complete.

I am also wanting to get back to working on projects for babies and children in need. I have taken more than a year off already to work on personal projects, that I want to finish up using the yarn I have out that I purchased for personal projects and get back to making things for little ones who need warm clothes. It may be a bit before I start another sweater, but it is definitely still a project that is near and dear to my heart.

I started another pair of socks this morning, I am using one of the pink Stroll yarns I had ordered during the month of February beings that it was on sale.

Beings that Spring is right around the corner, we are starting to get the periodic nice day, which I am looking forward to. I have a couple pairs of socks that I would like to get washed and hang out on the line to dry.

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Last Knit for Kids Sweater of 2016

Hey Everyone!

Over the weekend and just before the new year started I completed my last sweater for 2016. 

I had been working on this sweater, among other projects for a couple of months and wanted to get it done before the end of the year, so I did. 

I made a size 6 sweater, and the yarn I had used was red heart super saver yarn in Coffee, Carrot, and Fall. 

It was a simple sweater to knit up especially since most of the body, and sleeves were the fall yarn. There were a few ends to tuck in, but it was no where near as bad as some of the other sweaters I have done. 

I really enjoy working on these little, or not so little in the case of the size 10’s, sweaters. I like having something to work on that goes to a child in need. 

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Completed Sweater

Hey Everyone!

Today I sewed up the size four sweater I just finished knitting earlier in the week. 

This is a size 4 sweater and I used red heart yarn in Aruba Sea and Calliope. 

This sweater the second of my set that I am working on. I had finally got to having equal numbers knit up of each size so now I am working on sets. 

Over the past few years knitting sweaters for children in need has been a passion of mine. Knitting sweaters for these children is just of the ways I am trying to give back and make a difference. It feels like a small thing compared to going I missions trips to impoverished areas or serving in the peace corps or Doctors Without Borders. Then I remind myself that each sweater helps keep a child warm. 

It feels good to get a sweater done. Most days I don’t stop to think that the sweaters and hats I make are really going to children in need. They are real children with real needs. 

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Finished #70th Sweater

Hey Everyone!

Today I finally finished the sweater I started last year. 

I finished this size 8 sweater in which I used a Caron one pound skein of yarn in deep violet as well as some sunflower of the same brand. 


This sweater is special I many ways, it is the 70th sweater that I have completed. It also is the last sweater I needed to get 14 sweaters of each of the 5 sizes. I am excited that I now have even numbers of each size, and can start knitting up sets of sweaters.  

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2015 Knit For Kids Sweaters

Hi Everybody!

I am finally getting around to writing this post!

2015 was a busy year for me, outside of knitting. I only completed 4 sweaters in 2015. 2015 was also the first full year of work I have had since I graduated from university in 2010. That in itself was a big deal for me. That being said knitting and sweaters had to take a back burner last year. 

That being said I have also been working on other projects and I could only do so much. 

I know 4 is better than 0, and I know I can only do so much when working a full time just that isn’t knitting related. I am not one who gives up on something they love, and knitting sweaters for kids in need is something I love. 

These are the sweaters I completed last year.