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Infant Hats and Christmas Gifts

In between working on the Christmas gifts that I am working on, that are a bit more complex, and require more attention I have also had some infant hats going at the same time. I have plenty of baby yarn left over from other projects that I am wanting to get used up for a good cause, so I have been using the balls I have sitting over here for infant hats. I currently have 10 infant hats complete. I am looking into charities that get the hats to hospitals and birthing centers in the high poverty areas here in the US. One that I know of – Bundles of Joy, is a group that donates their time and hats to infants born in the Pine Ridge Reservation OB Ward. The reservation is located in South Dakota.

The fact that there are areas within the US where unemployment is over 75%, and whole communities live without electricity, indoor plumbing, sewage systems, and telephones. Seeing infants born into this system where the infant mortality rate is around 5 times the national average is heart breaking. That is why I like using the talent I have been given, in knitting to give back to those who are much less fortunate than I am.

Some may ask, why I do it, when these infants will grow up and are roughly 4 times more likely to commit suicide as a teenager, or join a gang, and if they grow into adulthood 3/4 if not more of them will be unemployed for their entire adult lives, and be alcoholics, and if the alcohol doesn’t get them, another health condition related to the alcohol or poor diet will. While this argument is very valid, My answer is yes, that is all true, but there is also that small fraction of a population that will make a better life for themselves. Do you want to deprive those the opportunity to be able to contribute, or make a difference by letting them die as infants do to not being kept warm? That is why I knit for the infants, and I would love to see each of the infants born into poverty receive a handmade blanket and hat, knowing full well that few of them will be able to rise above the generational poverty.

As for the Christmas gifts I am working on, I am making progress on both the falling leaves wrap and the six strand braided cable scarf. The scarf is knitting up faster than the wrap because it is not as intricate of a pattern, so I am able to work on it while watching YouTube videos, or shows on hulu, or working on other things on the computer. The falling leaves wrap requires more focused concentration, and I can only have music playing while working on it. Both of these will be done before Christmas.

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What’s On My Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to bring you this week’s “What’s On My Needles Wednesday”, because I am actually making progress on some of my projects for kids in need while also making progress on a personal project. The personal project I am working on, using the Falling Leaves Wrap Pattern (which I will be sharing with you in the future in one of my Pattern Friday posts, so stay tuned for that) is complicated and I have found that it demands my undivided attention to make sure that I wind up with 83 stitches at end of the row and that I didn’t miss a step and only have 81 or 82. Beings that it takes a lot of focus, I am working on other projects when I am watching vlogs on YouTube, or TV shows on Hulu, or just getting tired. With that, I am making progress on my knit for kids sweater, and the baby blanket I have in the works. I have another dishcloth in the works, as I completed two while I was on semi bed rest while taking easy right after I bruised my tailbone.

In total I have four projects in the works, I still have my size 6 knit for kids sweater, a baby blanket, a dishcloth, and the scarf I am working on for myself. Like I said in Monday’s post, I am taking a break from having the projects for kids in need be my main focus of projects, as I take time for personal projects, but at the same time, it is nice to have something in the works as well that doesn’t require the concentration and focus that my current personal project requires.

I still really enjoy working on projects for kids in need, but at the same time, I am needing a balance between making projects for me, and making stuff for the kids. So don’t worry, I am not giving up or stopping the work I have been doing for the kids in need, as it is still my passion, I just have a tub of wool calling my name to use it to make cute stuff for myself as well.

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Why I Knit for Kids in Need

Hey Everyone!

I know I write a lot about the projects I work on for kids in need, but I haven’t really written a full explanation as to why I do it, other than that it is something I am passionate about. While that is true, there is more to it than just that.

I started knitting sweaters for Guideposts sweater project, which was then handed off to World Vision when it got to big for Guideposts, when I was 12 years old. It really did not mean much to me at that time, nor did it mean much to me 10 years later. It was just something to work on.

It was sometime in 2011, when it really dawn on me that the sweaters I was knitting were going to kids who had nothing, and yet there I was an unemployed college graduate, who in comparison had the world. I knew, and still know that I have the power to give a voice to their cause and need. Knitting, is my way of helping these children, and loving them through it. The sweater or hat that I took the time to knit for them may be the only new thing they may ever receive, but through that, having someone they never met, and never will, love them so much to give their time and money to make that one item for them, could mean the world to them.

The fact that there are children born each day in my own country which is an industrialized country that have nothing and live in extreme poverty also bothers me, and by knitting up hats, sweaters, and baby blankets I can help children within my own country.

Hand Knitting is something that has come naturally to me, and that I love doing so having projects to work on that help children is using a God given talent to help the children, who cannot help themselves and need to be taken care of, and I am just one of many who are filling the gap to try to help them in any little way we can. Helping children who have not had the same opportunities that I have had is why I knit up projects to help them.

I also feel that it is my call in life to love these children, who I make hand knit items for. I know I have never met them, and likely never will, and I am okay with that.


Favorite Yarns

Hey Everyone! 

I am going to tell you about my favorite yarns, for knitting projects for kids in need and for personal projects. 

For knitting projects for kids in need, I only use 100% acrylic yarn. It is study, it hold its shape, and hold up better though the tough wear that kids put their clothes through. It is also machine washable and dryable, which is important. The fact that these sweaters are sent around the world, to places where they don’t have the modern conveniences that I take for granted for clothing care, the sweaters need to be durable to last through tough washing conditions. My favorite brand of 4 ply worsted acrylic yarn is Red Heart yarn, mainly because they have the best variety of colors, there is no Dye Lot, Cost of another determining factor in part because I can get 3 skeins in different colors that all go together for the same price or less than the cost of the Caron or Lion Brand yarns that I use. Between the Caron one pound skeins and Lion Brand Pound of Love I prefer the Caron yarn because it is thicker yarn, which means warmer sweaters and the plys don’t split on me like the Lion Brand does. 

For personal projects, particularly for winter gear, I love Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. I have bought other yarn for personal projects such as sock yarn because I want to make socks for myself, I also picked up some lace yarn because I want to knit a lacy yarn for myself, I still have a skein of Alpaca/Merino blend yarn that I will likely be using for another hat for myself. I also keep a stock of Peaches & Cream and Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn so that I can keep dishcloths in my purse, so that If I get where I need to go early, or have down time somewhere, I have something to work on while I wait. I don’t like to just sit without something to be working on with my hands. 

I did make a vlog on this, which I will try to get up over the weekend, beings that I have stuff going on today and tomorrow. 

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New Year, Many New Possibilities!

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that it is 2014 already! Happy New Year! This year holds many new project opportunities. I am still going to be working on sweaters and hats, but I am also going to be looking for new ways to help children in need!

I am still working on my size ten sweater using Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn in Lavender. I am determined to get at least 12 sweaters done this year, and having an even number (from the time I started knitting until the end of the year) of each size completed. All I need to obtain that goal is four size 10 sweaters, four size 8 sweaters, and four size 6 sweaters. I know that even though I am working, I can obtain this goal. Beings as last year I completed 17 sweaters and 47 hats, I can get 12 sweaters done.

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Starting the New Year off Right

Hey Everyone!

I am back with another project of the week! I have started a size 10 sweater, using a skein of Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in Lavender. I decided to get another sweater going, so that I have something to pick up and work on when I have the time. I love working on projects that go to children in need, and benefit children in need.

This sweater is going to take me a bit since I don’t have the free time like I used to, but I will hopefully be getting it done by the end of January!


End of Summer Projects Update

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Labor Day! The Calender says that Fall doesn’t start for another 20 days, but Nature is saying otherwise. I have noticed that fall is starting to set in around here, slowly and surely. I love it. 

Beings that it is now the beginning of the last 1/3 of the year, and nearing a new season, it is time for an update of what I have knit this year for children in need. 

I am currently working on my 16th sweater of the year, which is more than I have knit up in any other year alone, and almost as many as I knit up between 2000 and 2010. I have also knit up 34 hats for children in need so far this year, with plans to make more once I complete my sweater. I’m not saying all this just to brag, but rather try to impart that one person can have an impact, however big or small. 

I have also made a few projects for myself as well as for my friends. I also have two (not counting my purse project) in the works. One is a project for a friend, which is a surprise, the other is for myself. I am making an infinity scarf for myself. 

Beings that Fall is right around the corner, and I have well exceeded my goals for projects to help kids in need, I will be taking some time after I finish my current sweater to devote to working on a few projects for the upcoming cooler seasons for myself, as well as some more hats for the kids in India. The Lady I know who is the main contact between India and the head quarters church, has not asked for more hats, but I know there will be a point in time where there will be another request or a need that arises. When that happens I will already have some hats made, and help boost the number of hats that the group of knitters from church is able to send. So, I am essentially stock piling hats for the next time we are asked to knit up hats. The thing I like about hats is that they are small, easy, and quick to knit up. Don’t get me wrong, I like knitting sweaters, but there is something about knitting up a hat in a day. 

Thanks again for reading my updates, and I’ll be back on Wednesday for Project of the Week.