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Christmas Socks

Hey Everyone!

It had taken me two months to knit up these socks.

These socks were knit up from Knitpicks Palette yarn in Mist.

I finished the second sock up on Christmas evening.

I have started another couple pairs of socks, one is of Palette Yarn in tea rose, and the other I am using Hawthorne Fingering in the dye speckle.

Work was very busy the past couple of months, so I have basically been eating, sleeping and working. I haven’t had the time to knit. Now that things are calming down at work, I will hopefully get some more knitting done.

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Slowly working through Socks

Hey Everyone!

The past month and a half has been crazy!

I have been busy working, at an early morning retail stock crew position. A couple weeks ago I worked a 40 hour week as we were setting up our Christmas stuff. Things have calmed down a bit and for the most part it is just a matter of maintaining things.

For the past six weeks, I have not had much time to knit, so my latest pair of socks took much longer to knit.

I finished up this pair of socks a couple days ago!

I used KnitPicks Stroll Tweed yarn in Barn Door for this pair of socks. For the most part it knits up well. I do tend to have a few issues with it in the toe shaping and it wanting to knot on itself.

KnitPicks Palette yarn is still my favorite to knit with.

I started a new pair of socks yesterday, after I got home from work. I am using on of the Palette yarns I have in my stash. I am so stoked to finally be onto another pair of socks.

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The Perfect Knitting Weather Has Arrived!

Hey Everyone!

Autumn is here, and I finally have the energy to really knit!

Today didn’t even get to 70, and it cooled off quick. We had some thunder and lightning and pouring down rain, like more than 1/2 an inch today. I have also been warming a cube of Pumpkin Roll Scentsy wax with two cubes of Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Wax. This is my favorite autumn scent combo.

It’s been amazing to actually get work done, and have the energy to do so.

Friday, I finished up the second Finnley Heather sock, completing the pair. Monday I washed up this pair since it was a nice day, and warm enough to let the dry outside for several hours.

Today I finished up the second Opal Heather sock, completing the pair.

After I finished up the second Opal Heather sock, I have cast on a new pair, using the KnitPicks Stroll Yarn in Barn Door Heather that I have in my stash.

I have a lot more sock yarn in my stash, that I am slowly working on stash bushing and getting socks done.

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Opal Heather and Finnley Heather

Hey Everyone!

This summer has been somewhat busy, and things like gardening and making jam have pushed knitting to the back burner.

Now that summer is winding down, I can shift more of my focus back onto Knitting.

I have been slowly working on a couple pairs of socks in recent weeks. For both pairs I am working on I am using KnitPicks Palette yarn, in the colorways: Opal Heather and Finnley Heather. I absolutely love the Finnley Heather color. Grey has become my favorite color.

At the looks of things, summer is finally quickly fading. When it is hot I don’t have much in the way of energy and desire to work on knitting.

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Knitting through the Summer

Hey Everyone!

Since my last post, I have finished up these two pairs of socks.

The black pair is knit up from KnitPicks Stroll Tweed in Wellies Heather. The blue pair is knit up of KnitPicks Palette in Cyan. I used my US Size 1 (2.50mm) Double Point Needles.

The past few days I have been working on a couple new socks as well as a few other projects.

I currently am working on a pair of socks in Opal Heather, as you can see here:

as well as my second pair of Finnley Heather Palette socks. I can’t tell you exactly when Grey became my favorite color, though it is my favorite color because it reminds me of the cool, grey, overcast days we have here in autumn, winter and spring. As someone who doesn’t do well in heat, and has light sensitive eyes, I prefer the grey days of winter to the bright, sunny, hot days of summer.

Today we have gotten some rain, for the first time in two months. It has been so hot and dry this summer that this rain has been so welcome. I am hoping that at least some of it has gotten over the cascade range to central and eastern Oregon, as well as down to the southern part of the state that have been having so many wildfires without relief.

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Can’t Seem to get enough Stuff to do

Hey Everyone!

The past three weeks or so have been pretty busy, and I am finally getting back to working on my knitting projects.

I currently have seven projects in the works, like I can’t get enough stuff to do, I keep adding knitting projects to what I have going. I have three shawls in the works as well as a wrap, two socks for two different pairs, and a dishcloth. I kind of like it that way. I like having different things to pick up and work on.

In addition to the seven projects I already have the yarn for my next twelve pairs of socks picked out from my stash. I have more than enough sock yarn to choose from.

I have four different colors of Stroll Tweed yarn for four different pairs of socks as well as one color of regular Stroll yarn left that I am wanting to get knit up. I also picked out seven different colors of Palette yarn to knit up. I am at the point where I am not buying anymore yarn and trying to work up the yarn I have before I buy more, since I am running out of space to store my yarn.

At some point I am going to need to buy more Wool Wash and containers to store my finished projects. Before all that I need to get projects knit up.

I am wanting to get more socks knit up, washed and blocked this summer so I have more choices, especially going into Autumn, and the weather cools off making it more comfortable to go Hiking.

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Finishing Projects and Washing Wool

Hey Everyone!

Earlier this week, we had a few very hot days (90 – 96 Fahrenheit / 32 – 35 Celsius). Because it was so hot, I took advantage of the heat and washed a wool shawl I had finished a while back as well as the three pairs of socks I had done and needed to be washed.

Earlier this month I had gone to a couple stores searching for this white wash tub to use to wash shawls. I found it at the second store I had gone to. The first store had nothing similar which I found odd, because I would have expected Fred Meyer to have these types of tubs. Maybe I was looking in the wrong areas, but I looked in the bath sections, the kitchen sections and the cleaning sections, and nothing. I found what I was looking for at BiMart. That’s what I like about BiMart, besides being a locally owned chain of stores, they have a lot more in the way of “old school” household basics that other stores don’t carry, and for a decent price. BiMart is the place to go locally for canning /home preserving supplies and for the essentials.


I had washed my shawl using the Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo. It has a really nice cedar scent, and I love using it to wash bigger items that I only wash when necessary, which is not nearly as often as socks. I had pulled out my blocking wires, T-pins and blocking mats to dry my shawl. I had put the wires through the increase holes that are along the edges, as well as the bound off edge. I realized that at some point I need to get another box of blocking mats, as I don’t have enough to properly dry these larger projects.



Earlier this week I had finished up my pair of Hollyberry colored socks. The yarn I used for this particular pair of socks is the Stroll Fingering yarn from KnitPicks.

This pair I had worked really hard on to finish up by this past Wednesday, so I could get them washed up and dried outside while it was so hot outside.

The past few pairs of socks I have been knitting with a longer knit leg, just to try something different and see how I like this pattern, and if I like it any better than the shorter all ribbing leg. I do like the fact that with the longer leg, they protect more of my ankle and lower leg from getting blisters when I wear them with my hiking boots.

fullsizeoutput_1befThese are the three pairs of socks that I washed the other day. The hot pink pair and the grey pair are both knit up of KnitPicks Palette Yarn, the pink color is called Rouge, and the Grey is called Finnley Heather. The darker red, cranberry color is the pair I know up from KnitPick Stroll in Hollyberry. The Hollyberry color reminds me of Christmas. Its name is aptly fitting as it is similar to the color of the color of the berries on the Holly bush. It is also similar to the color of Cranberries.


I had also finished up the second (the longer one) of these two dishcloths this week as well. I had finished the first one a couple of weeks ago. The yarn I used for this was one of the balls of the KnitPicks Dishie yarns I had bought. The colorway is called “Cabin”, which is fitting since the colors are a bit more rustic and fitting for a cabin. I had enough yarn leftover that I probably could have made the first dishcloth a bit longer to be about the same length as the second one. But you don’t always know how something is going to work out when you are using a particular yarn for the first time.