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Knitting Lace is Fun

Hey Everyone!

I have spent as much free time as I could could come up with the past few days working on my teal falling leaves wrap. I finally got halfway done. I use two skeins of Patons Lace Yarn for each wrap. When I completed a knit row and purl row and don’t have enough yarn to knit across and purl back on what is left of the first skein is what I consider to be my half way mark. To finish the wrap out on the second skein, I go until I don’t have enough yarn to complete another 16 rows (which is a pattern repeat), and cast off, is when I cast off the wrap and complete the project. 

Here late last year/early this year I had made one for my mom in the same color, but she wanted a knit border around the edges which I did for her. That is how I can tell hers and mine apart, as I didn’t want the border on mine. 

Leaf Lace is a fairly simple lace to learn how to knit. It has taken me some practice but I am getting it, and I love it. It is so dainty, delicate and feminine, and when using a heavier lace weight yarn, sturdier than some other laces.    


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Upcoming Projects for 2015

Hey Everyone!

The past 5 weeks have been incredibly busy with starting a new full time job, Thanksgiving, helping with my church’s Christmas on the Campgrounds event (which was a huge success this year), and then having someone I know pass away this past week. There hasn’t been a lot of time to knit. Since I have been working I haven’t wanted to start anymore projects on top of my mom’s Christmas gift, which won’t be completed in time for Christmas. I am hoping to have it done by mid January.

In addition to completing my mom’s Christmas gift, I have two more projects that I have to work on during the early part of 2015. One of my cousin’s and his wife are expecting their first baby, and they are waiting to find out the gender of the baby until the baby is born in June. So I am going to be making two baby blankets for them, both of which could be used for either a boy or girl. I picked up a skein of a really pretty yellow (Lion Brand Pound of Love in Honey Bee) and a skein of a ┬áreally pretty turquoise (Lion Brand Pound of Love in Turquoise) at Joann’s while I was out running errands today. I had a 20% off the entire purchase coupon, in addition to the two skeins both being on sale (the sale price was $3 off the the regular price), which meant that I got a good deal.

Besides the project I am trying to finish up, as well as the two baby blankets I am going to make, my knitting plans for 2015 are looking like, another wool scarf for myself, more hats for children as I have plenty of yarn, and maybe a few sweaters, but we will see how many I get made with my work schedule and every thing else.

I also put together a video of the sweaters I completed during 2014, so if you would like to check it out, you can find it here.

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Did not knit a stitch

Hey Everyone!

I still have my falling leaves wrap in progress, and did not work on it at all this past week. The past two weeks I have been really busy with church stuff that I have not had much time to knit anyway, so when I have been knitting I have been too tired to focus on this project so I have been working on my sweaters for kids in need.

Now that life is kind of back to normal, I will hopefully be getting this project done soon, so I can share it with all of you. I am actually excited to get it done.

Next week’s post should be more interesting, but thanks for reading this update!

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Falling Leaves Wrap

I found this pattern while surfing ravelry for inspiration. I had purchased the yarn I wanted to use (two skeins of Patons Lace yarn). I am waiting until I have few projects going before diving into it. I have tried to start it several times, but I would get so far and then something would go wrong so I would frog it each time.

I want to start it when I have the time to focus on it, and actually make sure I do it right. I have found that I can’t do this kind of thing and watch vlogs/tv shows/movies at the same time.

I wanted to share the pattern with you all, and to see if anyone wants to try it along with me, to see how it turns out.

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Falling leaves wrap update

Hey Everyone!

I have been making more progress on my falling leaves wrap! I have almost used up the first skein of yarn I have for the project.

I don’t work on it every day, really just 2 or 3 times a week. I love how it is shaping up though. It is really pretty.

I love having the challenge of making this scarf, and I love seeing it grow.


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Falling Leaves Wrap Progress

Hey Everyone!

011Over the course of the last week I have made a bit of progress on the falling leaves wrap I am knitting. It will be taking me a while to knit up as it is a tedious, focus driven project. I know I have mentioned in a previous post that I had purchased the yarn, and found the pattern to use with the yarn. Some yarns work better with certain patterns, while other yarns don’t. I feel that I found the perfect pattern to use this yarn for.

I really liked the pinks and brown combination, and that was what had attracted me to the yarn in the first place. I didn’t necessarily “need” the yarn, the desire to make something pretty with it, was what lead me to buy it.

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Falling Leaves Wrap (the Reknit)

Hey Everyone!

This past week I started (or restarted) a falling leaves wrap, that will be more a scarf when I am done. The Pattern was written for using a bit thicker yarn and bigger needles, but I really wanted to use a particular yarn, and if I used bigger needles, it would be too loose for my taste.

What I learned from the first few attempts was that this pattern requires my entire focus and concentration so that I don’t screw it up, It is going to take me a few weeks to complete, just because I can’t sit and watch a vlog or a tv show, and work on it. I have to give it my undivided attention.

The pattern build upon itself and repeats, so I have completed four chunks, or four sets of the pattern however you want to look at it, and the pattern is definitely visible, and looking good. I am also liking the fact that the yarn I bought and am using for this pattern actually looks good with the pattern being used.

I am looking forward to using it this next fall and winter, it will be a nice light weight scarf for a little bit of warmth to help take the edge off as the weather cools down, without being super warm like my nice fishermen’s wool scarves.

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What’s On My Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to bring you this week’s “What’s On My Needles Wednesday”, because I am actually making progress on some of my projects for kids in need while also making progress on a personal project. The personal project I am working on, using the Falling Leaves Wrap Pattern (which I will be sharing with you in the future in one of my Pattern Friday posts, so stay tuned for that) is complicated and I have found that it demands my undivided attention to make sure that I wind up with 83 stitches at end of the row and that I didn’t miss a step and only have 81 or 82. Beings that it takes a lot of focus, I am working on other projects when I am watching vlogs on YouTube, or TV shows on Hulu, or just getting tired. With that, I am making progress on my knit for kids sweater, and the baby blanket I have in the works. I have another dishcloth in the works, as I completed two while I was on semi bed rest while taking easy right after I bruised my tailbone.

In total I have four projects in the works, I still have my size 6 knit for kids sweater, a baby blanket, a dishcloth, and the scarf I am working on for myself. Like I said in Monday’s post, I am taking a break from having the projects for kids in need be my main focus of projects, as I take time for personal projects, but at the same time, it is nice to have something in the works as well that doesn’t require the concentration and focus that my current personal project requires.

I still really enjoy working on projects for kids in need, but at the same time, I am needing a balance between making projects for me, and making stuff for the kids. So don’t worry, I am not giving up or stopping the work I have been doing for the kids in need, as it is still my passion, I just have a tub of wool calling my name to use it to make cute stuff for myself as well.

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Pattern Frustration

Do any of you come across a pattern that no matter how many times you have attempted it, something always goes wrong, and in different places along the way?

I have been having that problem with the falling leaves pattern I have been wanting to use with my Paton’s Lace yarn, but in the 4 or so attempts I have had trying the pattern, somewhere along the line, something goes wrong, and it is frustrating me. I know I can complete the project, but I have been debating about trying a different pattern with the yarn, and use the falling leaves wrap with a little bit thicker yarn and see if it would work out then.

At the same time though, I am determined to make the wrap with the lace yarn, just because it is frustrating me. I don’t like giving up on what I start, and I want to see what it will look like when it is finished. I will give it another go in the next few weeks. It may take me a while to complete it, but I will get it done.