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Hand Knitting Vs. Machine Knitting

Hey Everyone!

I have been wanting to write a post based on my own experience with Hand Knitting and using a Knitting Machine and why I do prefer hand knitting to machine knitting. I fully understand that each person is different, there are those out there would prefer to use a knitting machine to using knitting needles, and that’s OK, everyone has their own opinion and preference.

I learned how to hand knit when I was 10, because I had seen my grandmother knitting and I wanted to learn. I learned how to use a motorized knitting machine at the age of 25 for a job that I had gotten.

Most of reasoning behind why I don’t like using a knitting machine is because I would be stabbing my fingers on the the needles often enough that it got to the point early on that I just started carrying band aid’s in my purse for when I would get myself. I also never really felt comfortable with what I was doing, and it seemed like every time I turned around something had come out wrong, even when I know that I didn’t do anything wrong. Not only that, we were consistently having problems with the machines, one in particular that was the one I normally used and we had the knitting machine repair guy there at least once a month, if not more. Each of the machines each had their own idiosyncrasies even if they weren’t in need of being repaired, there was always something with each one that you had to adjust for and just know about that particular machine. The machines not working as they are supposed to among other things plays a large part as to why I would take my knitting needles and doing it all by hand over using a knitting machine any day given the choice.

While I know there are other carriages out there for knitting machines (like ribbers and lace carriages and such) I feel like there is more you can do by hand.

A lot of what I have learned in terms of hand knitting is self taught with a little help from ravelry patterns, and YouTube videos. I have taught myself how to do most of the cables I know how to make, as well as the lace scarves I have knit and such.

By the end of the day I would be tired using a machine, where as I can hand knit all day, and yes there are days I get sick and tired of it, and other days I could just keep knitting.

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Hey Everyone!

I know I have been away for a bit, but I am trying to get back into the blogging groove as I adjust to a new job and was out of town for a week.

Since I started my job, I have been learning how to use a knitting machine, which got me thinking here in the last couple of days, that if I can learn how to use a knitting machine, there is nothing but myself stopping me from learning how to knit socks, which is something I really want to learn how to do now. I am also wanting to make boot liners for rubber boots for myself, and I figured that would be the perfect project to use some Fishermen’s Wool that a friend of mine picked up for me, when she found it greatly discounted, because a particular store was closing out their stock of it. ¬†With the help of Ravelry, pictures, and Youtube tutorials, there are plenty of resources out there to help me learn how to knit socks and boot liners.

Today I have been working on finishing up a child size hat that I have had in the works for the last few days. I have also been been working on an infinity scarf here lately, I worked on it a bit at the baby shower I went to yesterday. Yesterday was the baby shower for a friend of mine who loves purple, so I had knit her a purple baby blanket and purple baby hat and put a package of baby wipes and a pack of two minnie mouse pacifiers with it.