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Creating my own Sock Pattern!

Hey Everyone! 

I am super excited that I finally finished typing up my own basic knit socks pattern! I built my pattern off swatch testing yarns to figure out gauge and figure out what size needles to use, as well as other patterns to get a rough idea of how many stitches to cast on. Length of cuff and heel flap came from working in the first sock, and I used a tutorial for turning the heel, the gusset and decreasing the toe. I kept comparing the sock against my foot to get the length of the sock correct. 

I finally typed up all the pieces of information I had written down on post it notes and from the blog tutorial I used for the heel, gusset & toe. Now I have it all in the same document and looking nice and easy to use, going forward for more socks. 

This is the first sock I knit up using what has become my sock pattern:

I really like how it turned out. 

I have a fair amount of sock yarn that I am excited to finally get to use for socks, including some wool that I am wanting to use for socks. This wool is KnitPicks Palette yarn, which is super soft, and I am hoping it will be durable, and last a while. 

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Pattern Binder

Hi Everyone!

I finally got around to putting my patterns in sheet protectors in a binder rather than taping them into a spiral notebook. This way the sheets won’t be getting crumpled or ripped out. They are also now a lot more organized.  

 All of this pattern organization came out of the fact that there was a scarf I had seen in the yarn store on Thursday when I was yarn shopping with my mom. They didn’t have the pattern in stock there in the store, so I had to get it off Ravelry. I got the pattern today and was like “I should really organize my patterns better” so I did. I also found a few more patterns o Ravelry that I liked and downloaded. 

I have a stash of yarn that I have been letting sit for a while as I knew I wanted to use them, I just didn’t have a pattern I liked to use with them. I am still getting used to knitting projects for myself since I spent so many years only knitting sweaters and hats for kids in need. 

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8 Strand Braided Cable

Hey Everyone!

I had a request to post the pattern for the 8 strand braided cable, as used in the scarf I shared in yesterday’s post.

The pattern itself has 28 stitches within it

Row 1: Purl 2 Knit 24 Purl 2

Row 2: Knit 2 Purl 24 Knit 2

Row 3: Purl 2 Slide 3 to Cable Needle Hold to Back, Knit 3, Knit 3 from Cable Needle, Slide 3 to cable needle, hold to back, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle, slide 3 to cable needle hold to back, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle, slide 3 to cable needle hold to back, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle Purl 2

Row 4: Knit 2 Purl 24 Knit 2

Row 5: Purl 2 Knit 24 Purl 2

Row 6: Knit 2 Purl 24 Knit 2

Row 7: Purl 2 Knit 3, Slide 3 to Cable Needle hold in Front, Knit 3, Knit 3 from Cable Needle, Slide 3 to cable needle, hold to front, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle, Slide 3 to cable needle, hold to front, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle,  knit last 3 Purl 2

Row 8: Knit 2 Purl 24 Knit 2

Repeat these 8 rows until the item you are working on is the correct length

*Note: For scarves I cast on an addition 6 stitches for a 3 stitch border on each side, and I knit 3 garter stitch rows at each end for a 3 X 3 border around the pattern.*

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Hey Everyone! 

This Week for pattern Friday, I am sharing with you another one of my favorite pattern resources. I have mentioned it in other posts, but I have not written a post about it yet. This week I am sharing with you guys Ravelry. It has plenty of patterns (some are free, others are not). It is also great because it has groups, and forums and such. I like that feature in addition to the patterns because there are often groups by location, or project (particularly charity knitting/crocheting). 

With Ravelry you will need an account to access patterns and the groups but creating an account is free, and allows you to save patterns to your library and keep track of projects you have completed if you so choose to use that feature. 

This is just one of the places I go to, in order to get ideas of what I want to make. 

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Hey Everyone! 

This week I wanted to share with you a website that I had been referred to by one of my former coworkers who knew about this site. The website is entitled Knitty and it is a free online knitting magazine full of knitting patterns and ideas. 

This had come up when I had been talking to my coworkers about projects I had in mind and trying to get some pattern ideas and bounce things off other crafters. 

I love getting new ideas, and seeing what others have made and what else is out there. I like getting ideas for future projects and for what I want to use some of my yarn that is just sitting for. I am always up for free patterns and trying new things. 

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Falling Leaves Wrap

I found this pattern while surfing ravelry for inspiration. I had purchased the yarn I wanted to use (two skeins of Patons Lace yarn). I am waiting until I have few projects going before diving into it. I have tried to start it several times, but I would get so far and then something would go wrong so I would frog it each time.

I want to start it when I have the time to focus on it, and actually make sure I do it right. I have found that I can’t do this kind of thing and watch vlogs/tv shows/movies at the same time.

I wanted to share the pattern with you all, and to see if anyone wants to try it along with me, to see how it turns out.

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Time for New Patterns

Hey Everyone!

Today’s tip of the day, is to give new patterns and more complicated projects your time and full attention. I have learned from experience that trying to knit more complicated patterns, or a pattern that I am unfamiliar with needs my full attention. If I am distracted watching tv, a movie, YouTube videos, or whatever I am going to mess up somewhere along the line and have to frog the project or go back (if it is easy enough to go back to) and fix it.

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Six Strand Braided Cable

Hey Everyone!

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!

Welcome to my sixth cable pattern post in my cable pattern series. This week’s cable pattern is the six strand braided cable pattern. This is my favorite of the “simple” cables. This pattern I picked up from a picture that I saw, and I figured out and wrote out the pattern just from that picture.

I have used this pattern for several scarves, adding a total of six stitches to the pattern, so that each side would have an edging of 3 garter stitch rows at each end, and three stitches on each side that I used the garter stitch for, just to give it a solid edging, and to help it not to roll.

It looked more complicated than it is, you just cable on two of the eight rows, and it did not take me long to get the hang of what was going on.

I also make up size spacings for use in sweaters. I have yet to try this in a sweater, but after having made three scarves with this pattern, it should be hard. If you try this pattern, let me know if you like it.

For those of you who have followed my cable pattern series, I hope you have enjoyed it, and found some patterns that you like!

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Single S Cable

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my fourth cable pattern post! This week’s pattern is the single S cable. This pattern came about when I had seen a picture of a sweater that had used one of these (among other cables) in it. I thought it looked interesting and got thinking about how you would do this cable. I know it was a single cable and could be adapted using the single cable pattern. It did not take me long to figure out how you would do this pattern by alternating which side of the project you hold the three stitches on the cable needle.

I love seeing a picture with a knit pattern in it, and being able to figure out how to make that pattern by just looking at the picture. I am very much a hands on learner, and like being able to take what I see, and be able to take that and easily translate that into what I already know how to do. I love being able to add to my knowledge bank with little tidbits and finds here and there. I like to be continually learning and adding to my knitting knowledge, especially through every day life.

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Double Cable Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! It is time for another Pattern Friday Post!

This week is the second post in my basic cable series and I am sharing with you all the double cable pattern I have come up with. This pattern includes the basic double cable, and directions as for spacing to put it in a knit for kids sweater if you want to use it in that.

This was the second cable I learned after the basic single cable, and while this is not my favorite cable, it was definitely a spring board for me to learn other cable patterns. I had mastered the single cable, and I was feeling rather sure of myself with the whole cable thing, so I decided to try this one out on my own, without help and I succeeded. I had created a sample, and then wrote up the directions with is in the note on facebook that I linked above. Like I said this pattern was a spring board for me learning other more complicated cables, because once I had figured out this one on my own, my confidence grew and I wanted to try new cables, and just keep learning and adding to the patterns I knew how to do and could use in projects.