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Late Night Knitting Progress

Hey Everyone! 

I was up late again this evening, and it is early Saturday morning as I am writing this. It is just after midnight. 

I am still working on the pair of socks, for which I am using the Viking of Norway Nordlys yarn. 

I cannot wait to be done with this pair of socks. This yarn has been the bane of my existence for the past couple of weeks. I am so ready to go back to using the KnitPicks Palette yarn for my socks. 

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day, and felt more like late spring. It was a perfect day to wash socks in the morning and hang them out to dry all day. 

Beings as the 10 day forecast calls for weather that is not conducive to drying socks outside on the line, it will give me more time to knit up at least one more pair, if not more before the next nice day. 

I have several balls of colored wool yarn, that isn’t grey, that didn’t fit in my sock yarn tub that I want to get knit up before I dig into what is in the tub. In between knitting up the six or so pairs of socks, I also want to try to get the other projects I have going finished up as well, to get them off my project corner, and at least into the wash bucket, to be washed and blocked. 

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Fall is Coming!

Hey Everyone!

Fall is in the air! The mornings are crisp and the afternoons hot. The air is starting to smell different, and I am getting excited!

I recently invested in more fall colored yarn for knit for kids sweaters. Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the scents, the decorations, being able to pull out my long sleeve shirts, my jackets and my hand knit scarves. 

Since I started working full time at my job, I haven’t been able to post like I was able to when I was unemployed. I am thankful for the income, but also miss challenging myself to have content on here 5 days a week. I also liked the challenge of seeing what I could get done in a week to have something to post about. 

I am hoping that with the changing of the seasons, I will use more time on my days off (when it is pouring down rain) knitting and making progress on projects. 

This past week I finished a size 10 sweater which is for sure up in my Facebook page, and I started a size 8 sweater, using all red heart super saver yarn in fall colors. I will list the colors when I write about the finished project.  I am between 1/3 and 1/2 way done with the body of this sweater. I am loving how it is shaping up. I keep thinking “The ’70’s called and want their sweater back”. 


Personal Project Tuesday

More than Halfway Done

Hey Everyone!

I am still working on the falling leaves wrap I started a few weeks ago. I have made quite a bit of progress though. I finally started on the second skein of yarn that I had bought. It has been a great learning project to work on, but like with anything I am ready to have it done.

While I am still working on it, I am planning on doing a tutorial/knit along video for at least a section, so I can show anyone who wants to see it, what goes into making something of this nature.

I am also excited to move on to other projects. I will wait until I have this project done before I add anything else to the mix. I have plenty to work on with this and a sweater.

Early on I loved to hate this project, but as I continued working on it, I have grown to love it. It has gotten easier to work on it. I figure why bother buying something like it or something similar when I can challenge myself and do it myself, for a fraction of the cost. I am totally one of those who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on something that I can make. About the only way I still justify buying a thin little beanie at Old Navy, is that it comes in handy as a wool hat liner – for an added layer of warmth and to keep the wool from getting too itchy.

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Made it to Sleeves

Hey Everyone!

Over the weekend I made a fair amount of progress on the size 6 knit for kids sweater I am currently working on. I finally got sleeves going on the front, and beings that I knit the body pieces for the back and front at the same time I now have the body pieces done, and now I just get to work on sleeves. I learned the knitting the body pieces at the same time trick a while back. If you want me to write a post on how to knit the body pieces at the same time, leave me a comment on this post please.

Beings that my current personal project takes a lot more focus and concentration it is nice to have a simpler project to work on when there are other things going on. I am also trying to get this sweater done, so I can reduce the number of projects I have going on at one time. I am trying to simplify my life, and pair it down to a personal project, a charity project and a purse project going at one time.