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Project of the Week: Cancer Cap

Hi Everyone!

I have so many projects going on right now, because it is getting close to the end of the year, that there is just so much to do, and it is winter.

This week I will talk a bit about the project I started over the weekend. I know, I know, some of you may be thinking “that girl started ANOTHER project, will she get any of them done?”. Yes I started another project, and yes I will get them all done. The project I started is actually for the wife of one of my mom’s co-workers, who is starting chemo soon, so I want to get the hat I am making for her done pretty soon, that is the main priority right now. I am making a cabled hat, using Lion Brand babysoft yarn in Baby White Pompadour and Pastel Blue. Beings that it is three ply yarn I am knitting it double stranded, the blue and white together. I used size 7 needles for the ribbing, and I am using my bamboo size 9 needles for the stockinette portion of the hat.

There is more to life than just knitting for personal gain or for someone else’s personal gain who can afford to buy the basic necessities and isn’t facing a major health crisis, and is in need of support and comfort. I knit to help children who cannot provide for their own needs, and do not have the same access to warm clothes, food and such that I have had, as well as for those who are facing life and death health issues, and are in need of some extra love, support and comfort. I also knit for friends and family who actually appreciate having a hand knit item, and that receiving something handmade is more valuable than anything they could buy at the store. That is what keeps me knitting, and that is where my roots are, in using something I know how to do to help those in need, and actually appreciate what I know how to do.