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Birthday Yarn and Pattern

Hey Everyone!

My birthday was this past weekend, and it has become tradition to go get treats and tea then go to my favorite Yarn store here in town to look at (and ultimately purchase) Yarn and the patterns they have in stock. 

This year I wanted more of a chunky Yarn to make a warm scarf out of and see if they had any cool patterns for sale in which to use for my birthday Yarn. What I ended up with below is my birthday pattern and birthday Yarn. 

The Yarn is 100% Peruvian wool and is a really pretty blue – green. The past couple of years I have really been into the darker shades of blue, green, cranberry, grey etc. When I was younger I loved the lighter and brighter colors, as I have gotten older I have fallen in love with the more subdued shades. 

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Chunky Winter Scarf

Hey Everyone!

This evening I finished up a chunky winter scarf I have been working on for a little while. 

I had used Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn in Crimson. It turned out really pretty. 

I am not a super huge fan of chunky scarves on me, but I am wanting to move someplace that gets cold in the winter so I am just adding to my stash of winter accessories.   

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Knitting A Lot

Hey Everyone!

I have been making progress on my projects this weekend. 

Yesterday the power was out for 8 hours, so besides going and getting food, about all I could do was knit and listen to music. I also spent most of this afternoon knitting as well.

  I am working on getting a chunky, thick scarf knit up at the moment. It is currently (as of writing this post), 68 inches long. I am almost done with the second skein of yarn and have one more skein to use to finish it up. At this point it really doesn’t get cold enough where I live, to really use it. I am looking to find a new job and move somewhere where I would use it, and all my other hand knit winter woolen goods on a regular basis. 

I spent most of the weekend working on knitting my Knit for Kids sweater for World Vision. I got the body of the sweater done. I knit the back and front together, using a stitch marker in the middle the. Knit the sleeves separately. I am to the point where I can cast on the sleeves on the front. I have the hard and longest part of this sweater done. This particular sweater is a size 8. I am using red heart super saver yarn in fall colors.  

 Knitting, yarn and all that goes along with the craft is something I am passionate about. I love it. I am totally intrigued by the whole process from raising and caring for the sheep, goats, alpacas and other animals raised for their wool, to the sheering, or fiber collection as it is shed from the animal. The whole process of cleaning it, carding it, and spinning it to be sold to people like me who knit it up into cute winter wear. It all fascinates me, and if I ever had the opportunity I would love to be more involved in the process, rather than just the consumer. 

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Infant Hats and Christmas Gifts

In between working on the Christmas gifts that I am working on, that are a bit more complex, and require more attention I have also had some infant hats going at the same time. I have plenty of baby yarn left over from other projects that I am wanting to get used up for a good cause, so I have been using the balls I have sitting over here for infant hats. I currently have 10 infant hats complete. I am looking into charities that get the hats to hospitals and birthing centers in the high poverty areas here in the US. One that I know of – Bundles of Joy, is a group that donates their time and hats to infants born in the Pine Ridge Reservation OB Ward. The reservation is located in South Dakota.

The fact that there are areas within the US where unemployment is over 75%, and whole communities live without electricity, indoor plumbing, sewage systems, and telephones. Seeing infants born into this system where the infant mortality rate is around 5 times the national average is heart breaking. That is why I like using the talent I have been given, in knitting to give back to those who are much less fortunate than I am.

Some may ask, why I do it, when these infants will grow up and are roughly 4 times more likely to commit suicide as a teenager, or join a gang, and if they grow into adulthood 3/4 if not more of them will be unemployed for their entire adult lives, and be alcoholics, and if the alcohol doesn’t get them, another health condition related to the alcohol or poor diet will. While this argument is very valid, My answer is yes, that is all true, but there is also that small fraction of a population that will make a better life for themselves. Do you want to deprive those the opportunity to be able to contribute, or make a difference by letting them die as infants do to not being kept warm? That is why I knit for the infants, and I would love to see each of the infants born into poverty receive a handmade blanket and hat, knowing full well that few of them will be able to rise above the generational poverty.

As for the Christmas gifts I am working on, I am making progress on both the falling leaves wrap and the six strand braided cable scarf. The scarf is knitting up faster than the wrap because it is not as intricate of a pattern, so I am able to work on it while watching YouTube videos, or shows on hulu, or working on other things on the computer. The falling leaves wrap requires more focused concentration, and I can only have music playing while working on it. Both of these will be done before Christmas.

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This Week I am Knitting

Hey Everyone!

This week I am still working on the baby blanket, the size 6 knit for kids sweater, the falling leaves wrap, and the dish cloth. I have been making the most progress this week on the sweater and the wrap. I spent a good share of the weekend working on the sweater, and I am on the sleeves of the back. The baby blanket is just sitting as I have been focusing on the wrap and the sweater this week.

I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am getting a project close to being done, or get one going that is more complicated and seeing it grow. This falling leaves wrap I am proud of how far I have gotten and that I am getting the hang of the pattern. It is going to be really pretty when it is done. Perseverance is important in learning something new.

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things is important, and accomplishing difficult tasks is reassuring and builds on what you already know.

I am definitely making progress on my current knitting projects, and I love getting stuff done.

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Falling Leaves Wrap (the Reknit)

Hey Everyone!

This past week I started (or restarted) a falling leaves wrap, that will be more a scarf when I am done. The Pattern was written for using a bit thicker yarn and bigger needles, but I really wanted to use a particular yarn, and if I used bigger needles, it would be too loose for my taste.

What I learned from the first few attempts was that this pattern requires my entire focus and concentration so that I don’t screw it up, It is going to take me a few weeks to complete, just because I can’t sit and watch a vlog or a tv show, and work on it. I have to give it my undivided attention.

The pattern build upon itself and repeats, so I have completed four chunks, or four sets of the pattern however you want to look at it, and the pattern is definitely visible, and looking good. I am also liking the fact that the yarn I bought and am using for this pattern actually looks good with the pattern being used.

I am looking forward to using it this next fall and winter, it will be a nice light weight scarf for a little bit of warmth to help take the edge off as the weather cools down, without being super warm like my nice fishermen’s wool scarves.

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What’s On My Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to bring you this week’s “What’s On My Needles Wednesday”, because I am actually making progress on some of my projects for kids in need while also making progress on a personal project. The personal project I am working on, using the Falling Leaves Wrap Pattern (which I will be sharing with you in the future in one of my Pattern Friday posts, so stay tuned for that) is complicated and I have found that it demands my undivided attention to make sure that I wind up with 83 stitches at end of the row and that I didn’t miss a step and only have 81 or 82. Beings that it takes a lot of focus, I am working on other projects when I am watching vlogs on YouTube, or TV shows on Hulu, or just getting tired. With that, I am making progress on my knit for kids sweater, and the baby blanket I have in the works. I have another dishcloth in the works, as I completed two while I was on semi bed rest while taking easy right after I bruised my tailbone.

In total I have four projects in the works, I still have my size 6 knit for kids sweater, a baby blanket, a dishcloth, and the scarf I am working on for myself. Like I said in Monday’s post, I am taking a break from having the projects for kids in need be my main focus of projects, as I take time for personal projects, but at the same time, it is nice to have something in the works as well that doesn’t require the concentration and focus that my current personal project requires.

I still really enjoy working on projects for kids in need, but at the same time, I am needing a balance between making projects for me, and making stuff for the kids. So don’t worry, I am not giving up or stopping the work I have been doing for the kids in need, as it is still my passion, I just have a tub of wool calling my name to use it to make cute stuff for myself as well.

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Celtic Knot Pattern

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I am currently working on a scarf using this pattern, I thought I would share it with you. I had come across this pattern a while back on ravelry, which was linked to the original poster’s blog. I had gone looking for this pattern last Friday night, when I was asked on my Instagram, if I had found it on Ravelry. I started out looking for it on ravelry, and could not find it. I then went looking for one of the pictures I had saved on my computer when I had found it. Fortunately I had saved the picture and backed it up on my external hard drive, otherwise it would have been lost to me, besides the hard copy I have, forever.

This pattern has been the basis for three scarves, the one I am currently working on, one I had knit for my mom a couple years ago for Christmas, and another one for myself

Even with the pattern dissected on the blog it took me a little bit to figure out, but once I did and practiced making this pattern, the easier it became, Now I just have to glance at my hard copy of the diagram where I have written in row numbers in the little boxes on the right side of the grid to remind myself what I need to do on that particular row, but I am having to do that less and less.

With this pattern, to turn it into a scarf, I have added garter stitch borders on the edges (between 3 and 5 stitches on each side is good) and on the projects where I wasn’t making an infinity scarf, I would knit a garter stitch row for every garter stitch I knit on each side, on the top and the bottom. So if I did 3 garter stitches on each side of the pattern, I would knit 3 garter stitch rows on the top and 3 rows on the bottom. In doing the Infinity Scarf I only did the side borders, as  I would be knitting the ends together, and to help keep continuity of the infinity I left the top and bottom garter stitch rows off.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, pattern ideas for future posts (I just need to be able to knit them without being completely lost) or comments, leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback and ideas!

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Projects of the Week (November 11th)

Hi Everyone!

It is monday again, which means another Project of the Week Post! well for this week, I will tell you about the three projects I have in the works, so it is more of a Projects of the Week post.

This week I have been working on hats using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Dark Orchid. I have the infinity scarf I have been working on using Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in True Red as my purse project for when I get to work early, or get somewhere early, and I have a tube scarf (aka my knitting in the round project) in the works, using Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn in Gems.

I am still working on hats because I still have quite a bit of smaller skeins, baby yarn, and partial skeins of yarn that wouldn’t make a sweater or go with something I have, and I really don’t want to buy more yarn for sweaters, or other projects to be donated since I have so much around here as it is. I am trying to get as much of this yarn used up as I can before buying any more yarn for projects for kids in need.

I am working to get my infinity scarf done in the next month, before the Christmas events get into full swing. The tube scarf I am making is for practicing knitting in the round, so that I can get more comfortable with it before I try knitting socks again.

For work I use a knitting machine, but I prefer hand knitting, and it is more relaxing, and I enjoy doing it in my free time. I have been knitting with knitting needles for so long that it is second nature to me now, and for the most part, (other than knitting in the round or doing a more complex knit pattern), I can knit by feel, and I don’t have to be looking at it all the time.