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Creating more Work for Myself

Hey Everyone!

I was finally able to order some more of the KnitPicks Simply Wool worsted weight yarn in Wordsworth. I had only ordered four Hanks of this color when it first came out, and it sold out quickly. I had also quickly realized that four Hanks of the worsted weight yarn would not be enough to knit up a shawl that would fit me. I had gone in and went through the process to have them email me when more of the color I needed became available.

What had happened with the Simply Wool had also happened with the Autumn Heather Wool of the Andes Tweed worsted weight yarn I had ordered a while back, and I knew that I wanted to have 10 balls of each of the Wool Of The Andes yarns I am wanting to use to shawls in my stash. I would rather have extra and have to make a matching hat or fingerless gloves than not have enough yarn for the shawl.

When I was in the process of ordering these two types of yarn, I had also seen one of the Dishie multis that I liked, it’s the colorway Cabin, and I added one to my cart, then I got looking at the bulky yarns, and saw that there was a Wool of the Andes bulky yarn, so I also added six Hanks to my cart, which also got me to over $50 and got me free shipping.

So, this order arrived today in the mail.

And now I have enough yarn to keep me knitting for a very long time.

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Ironing Out the Kinks

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past couple of days I have finished up two projects.

The first project I finished up, I was up into the wee small hours of the morning finishing up this shawl.

This shawl is about 38 inches from the tip to the cast off edge. I used four balls of KnitPicks Simply Wool Bulky yarn in the color “Wilbur”. I used a pair of 10.5 (6.5mm) straight knitting needles.

Last night (Thursday night) I finished up the second sock of the pair of socks I knit up out of KnitPicks Palette Yarn in Ash.

I used my set of size 1 (2.50mm) KnitPicks sunstruck double pointed needles.

I have come to love using the 2.50mm size 1 needles versus the 2.25mm size 1 needles for both the Palette yarn and the various Stroll yarns I have been using. The socks come out a little looser which is fine, the gauge is still tight enough that there are no real issues with the tension or being too loose. I also haven’t had the issue of my needles breaking either. Which makes me think that the 2.25mm needles were just too small for what I was doing, and I have also gotten better at knitting socks.

I definitely wanted to get the shawl done, as far as getting it knit up anyway, this week. I have some more bulky yarn coming in, in the next few days. I only have the one set of size 10.5 needles and I wanted to get the big project off them before the new yarn comes in, so I can get it cast on pretty soon. I do still have one ball of the bulky Simply Wool left, which I am using to make another pair of fingerless gloves.

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Houston; We Have a Problem

Hey Everyone!

Today, I had another KnitPicks Package arrive (and have two more that will be coming in the next week or so). I definitely am a yarn addict. I have enough yarn to keep me knitting for years, which is a good thing.

In my order that came today, I got four balls of Stroll Fingering weight yarn, two balls each of Ash and Cobblestone Heather. I also got ten balls of Flagstone Heather Wool of the Andes Tweed worsted weight yarn.

Yes, I am well aware that I am ordering a lot of Grey yarns. I love grey yarn. Greys, natural tones and blues are my favorite colors at the moment. These are the colors I love to work with.

Most people are not a fan of grey, especially around here where we get so many grey, overcast, rainy days. That is exactly why I love grey. I love the grey, overcast, rainy days. I love them because (at least in this part of the country), they are cooler, and you don’t have the sun in your eyes. For me they are more enjoyable. As someone who doesn’t handle heat very well – it’s currently about 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and I am about at my upper limit for being comfortable – I prefer the cooler overcast days. As long as it’s not pouring down rain, I enjoy going hiking when it it is cool and overcast as well as just getting out and doing stuff.

The days that it is pouring down rain, are best spent inside with a nice hot cuppa tea and knitting. Or going and getting lost in my favorite yarn and craft stores.

Earlier this week, I had to go and run a couple errands and decided to get out of the city. I wound up in the foothills of the cascade range (the mountains that divide Western Oregon from Central and Eastern Oregon). I started seeing snow at about 1400 – 1500 feet. That day I would have given about anything to live out that way, and be able to have a fire going in the woodstove, a pot of soup going, a nice hot cuppa tea, Call The Midwife on the TV and my knitting.

While I grew up in the city, the older I get, the simpler / more old fashioned kind of life I want to live. The kind of life where I have a nice big garden in the summer, and some chickens, maybe some goats, and so much more.

When I started knitting when I was 10, I had no idea how learning a craft out of boredom would become a passion.

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Wool of the Andes

Hey Everyone!

My order of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Marine Heather and my two 50g skeins of the stroll tweed fingering yarn in Thirst arrived yesterday (Tuesday). I was super excited when it arrived. I love when my yarn orders arrive.

I bought the Wool of the Andes because it was a fairly inexpensive (by KnitPicks standards) 100% Wool Aran weight yarn. Though it’s not so inexpensive when you purchase enough to make an adult size shawl.

I have been obsessed with the variations of what KnitPicks calls Marine Heather. I have the Marine Heather in the Wool of the Andes, the Palette Fingering yarn, as well as a similar color in the Alpaca cloud lace as well as a similar color of the Cascade Eco+ yarn. I really like the dark bluish green yarn.

I started the shawl I bought the Wool of the Andes yarn for. I am Knitting up a simple triangle shawl with it.

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Autumn KnitPicks Haul

Hey Everyone!

Today my box of yarn and extra eucalan wool wash finally arrived.

I am still waiting on my yarn swift and more yarn to be shipped, but I will save that for another post.

In this package I had several balls of the Palette fingering weight Yarn I like to use for socks. I had the following: 2 balls Ash, 2 balls Mineral Heather, 2 balls Pumice Heather, 2 balls Orange and a ball of Hazelnut.

I also had ordered a hank of the Hawthorne Fingering Yarn in Laurelhurst as well as two hanks of the Alpaca Cloud Yarn in Smoke Heather.

I had also ordered an extra bottle of wool wash. This time I had ordered the unscented rather than the wrapture. Even though I love the wrapture, I wanted the unscented for going into winter. If I have to dry socks inside I didn’t want the scent smelling up the house and offending the people I live with.

I managed to get the Hawthorne Fingering Yarn wound into a ball without a swift but it was very tedious. I am waiting until my swift arrived before trying to wind the alpaca cloud Yarn. Beings that KnitPicks was having a sale on the swifts, I decided it was time to order one for myself. I am working on building up what I consider the necessities for knitting and being able to do everything I can myself.

I bought the orange and an extra ball of the Hazelnut because I want to knit up autumn socks. I have been and still am really liking grey’s for socks and accessories, which is why most of the yarn I bought is a grey of some sort. The Hawthorne Fingering Yarn I bought was on sale so that influenced my decision on that one.

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When Knitting is what you do

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend I finished up the falling leaves wrap I had been working on for a while. I had used Patons Lace yarn in teal.   

 I know I have been asked why I knit for myself and how am I going to wear it all. I am knitting every I can, as I am wanting to move somewhere with real winters. I also like pretty hand knit garments. 

About a month ago I had gone yarn shopping for my birthday and I had picked up a couple of different types of yarn, one of which I had also purchased a pattern that I wanted to use the pink yarn for. Beings that I had finished my falling leaves wrap I finally am able to start using my birthday yarn. When I was starting the scarf I had to restart it several times to get the pattern going right.  

For this scarf I am using the Fibre Company Canopy Fingering yarn in Dragonfruit 

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Knitting A Woolen Wrap

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my Personal Project post, on a new day of the week!

The Infinity Scarf I had talked about in recent posts I frogged, in part because it would take me a long time to finish it while trying to work on other projects for children in need, as well as the fact that I have buckets full of hand made scarves that I have made.

I have started a wrap with the yarn that I was using for the infinity scarf. I just pulled the scarf out, and I am reknitting the yarn. I came up with the idea of making a rectangular wrap with simpler cables because I have two triangle shawls and no rectangle warps yet. I am trying to build up my winter stock of warm wears. I wanted something that I can wrap around my shoulders that will keep my shoulders warm, but give me a better range of motion than a coat, and that is cuter than just a sweatshirt. I by no means am wanting to get into fashion, and be on the cutting edge of fashion, but I am tired of looking like a grubby college student how much of the time. I also really enjoy wearing my own creations, and getting feed back from people who see what I have made that I am wearing.

I know that in the past that I have talked about how much I like working with fishermen’s wool, so if you want to read more about why, click here. I live in a part of the country where there are quite a few crafts stores around town, that stock a lot of amazing yarns, and beings that we get plenty of rain, it creates the perfect culmination of elements for working on projects that help keep the wet cold from going straight to your bones. We get the damp cold with all the rain rather than having a dry cold.

For this wrap I am doing 5 braided cables, which are super simple and don’t require me to look at a pattern every odd numbered row.


Wintery Project of the Week

Hey Everyone!

This week’s project of the week is a triangle shawl that I am making out of Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown. I had been thinking about what I was going to do with this wool, for a couple of months, and then I realized that I had wool hats and wool scarves, but I did not have any wool shawls. Especially with the weather we have been having here for the last couple of weeks, a wool shawl would have been coming in very handy, since it has been below freezing. 

I still have my size two sweater going, I am on the sleeves of the back, and I am also still working on a hat for the wife of one of my mom’s coworker’s who is undergoing chemo. 

While I knit, using a knitting machine for work, I prefer hand knitting, and being able to pick up something and work with my hands, and make something to wear, for myself, or for a good cause. Those who can afford to buy the sweaters from where I work certainly don’t need a knit for kids sweater for their child. My heart is in making the projects for the kids in need, who actually need warm clothes, and being able to create and embellish on the basic pattern that World Vision has put out.