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Opal Heather and Finnley Heather

Hey Everyone!

This summer has been somewhat busy, and things like gardening and making jam have pushed knitting to the back burner.

Now that summer is winding down, I can shift more of my focus back onto Knitting.

I have been slowly working on a couple pairs of socks in recent weeks. For both pairs I am working on I am using KnitPicks Palette yarn, in the colorways: Opal Heather and Finnley Heather. I absolutely love the Finnley Heather color. Grey has become my favorite color.

At the looks of things, summer is finally quickly fading. When it is hot I don’t have much in the way of energy and desire to work on knitting.

Knitting, Knitting Projects, Whats on the Needles Wednesday

Hush Hush Projects

Hey Everyone! 

I have been making good progress on my current project that I need to have done in a week and a half. I still have several more sections to go on the first project, but I am hoping to get it done by Friday night if not sooner, then start on the second project so I can have them done in time for what I need them done for. 

So far I am loving how this first project is turning out. I am not going into much detail here, because I do not want the recipient to find out about I am making, and I know that she might if I actually spilled the beans. So, for those of you who are curious to find out what I am working on, you will just have to wait a bit longer, but I will be sharing with you guys what I have been making once I have given the gift. 

I have known for a while that I love knitting, and making things with my hands. I love the joy and sense of accomplishment a completed project brings me. I also love sharing that with others and helping them learn the craft I love so much, or give them ideas and inspiration for projects that can create themselves. 

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Starting a New Project

Hey Everyone!

A quick update on my falling leaves wrap: I got it finished yesterday evening, and I am just needing to finish blocking it

So with it being done and off the needles I am starting a poncho for myself using Lion Brand Yarns Fishermen’s Wool in Oak Tweed.

I finished it up yesterday as I have been catching up on sleep now that camp is over, and I am able to get back to more of a regular schedule.

Beings that I have been making excellent progress on my newest knit for kids sweater I am taking a little time to start a new personal project so that I will have two projects in the works. At least I am keeping my newest personal project simpler than the last one. I am going to be using the seed stitch on my poncho, and keeping it easy.

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Reasonable Work Load

Hey Everyone!

This week I am finally down to two regular projects (a personal and a charity project) and a purse project, as I took the blanket off the needles as I would not have had enough yarn to finish it without buying more, and I already have enough yarn as it is, so I just wound the yarn into a ball and I plan to use it for hats.

Being back to two main projects is much more reasonable. My Falling Leaves scarf is the project which is allowing me to challenge myself and learn more, while making something for myself. The knit for kids sweater I am working on gives me something to pick up and work on while I am sitting at the computer working on blog posts, or a vlog, or just watching vlogs.

As I make progress on my current projects I love being able to be as creative as I am, and would love to be able to do more, especially once I get my own place, with decorating and such.

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What’s On the Needles Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to bring you What’s on the Needles Wednesday, which is where I will be talking a little about each of the projects I have in progress each Wednesday.

This week, I have a dishcloth (which is a purse project, aka something to keep in my purse for when I am out, and have to wait somewhere, so I have something to work on), that i have in progress. I am using Peaches & Cream kitchen cotton in Daisy Ombre. I also have a Knit for Kids sweater that I started this past week. I am making a size six, and I am using Bernat Berella yarn in True Periwinkle Blue, Red Heart Classic Yarn in Maize, and Red Heart Sparkling Yarn in Apricot Nectar. I also have a baby blanket cast on a pair of needles. For the baby blanket I am using a Bernat sport baby yarn in I believe Candy Baby. I am also working on Knitting a new project out of Fishermen’s wool that I had used for a hat, as the hat turned out to be way to big on me so I am reknitting it so that it is smaller, and will fit my head better.

The sweater I am working on will be sent to World Vision for them to distribute. As for the recipient of the baby blanket I am working on, I am still looking into non-profits that collect baby blankets for babies born into poverty here in the U.S. as I want to keep the blankets I am working on here the States, for the babies here. Its not their fault that they were born into poverty, and I want to help give them at least a warm start to life.

Far to often I have at least two projects in progress, because  I liking having more than one projects to work on so that if I get tired of looking at one, I can work on another one, then come back to the other. I also typically don’t have two of the same kind of projects in progress, such as two sweaters or two hats, or what not. The projects I have in the works have to be a different article of clothing/accessories again, so that when I get tired of looking at one project I have a different project to look at, and a different yarn to work with.