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Organizing my Sock Yarn

Hey Everyone!

Now that moving is actually going to be a reality, I have been cleaning my room.

Today was the day that I finally found where I have stashed all my sock yarn, and got it into as few containers as possible. All my sock yarn is fit into two containers. I am definitely surprised at how little sock yarn I actually have left. That is a good thing though, I seriously thought I had way more than I do. Considering that socks are kind of my thing at the moment, I am glad that I have plenty to work with, yet not so much, that I am seriously considering getting rid of any.

I also have been able to go from storing my socks in four plastic storage containers, now down to two. I consolidated all my non holiday / seasonal specific socks into a larger container, as well as my liner socks. I left my seasonal / Holiday socks in their own separate container.

It’s nice to see that I have more socks knit up than I have sock yarn left. While I am not actively looking for more sock yarn, if I find something that I really like, I will order it. Seeing the sock yarn that I do have, it has reignited the excitement I have for knitting socks.

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