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What kind of a positive impact can one person have?

How big of a positive impact can just one person have on their community and on the world, just through something that comes naturally to them? 

That is the question I have been pondering here in the last few days. I always knew that each sweater and hat that I made would keep at least one child warm. When I started my Facebook Page, and I began blogging about these projects, I did it just because I felt like I was hiding something that I was meant to share with the world. When I started writing about, and posting pictures of the projects I have completed, I kind of thought “who would really care about someone who knits sweaters for children, besides my friends”, while at the same time I was hoping to inspire at least one person. 

This blog, and my Facebook Page are two things that I know the Lord has called for me to do, for what reason, other than to give him the glory and praise, I don’t know, and even for the reason I just gave is enough for me, to keep answering the call, and to keep me motivated to keep going with this project. 

I love knitting, It is my creative outlet. I also thoroughly enjoy working on projects for others. I enjoy getting to look at and use different colors and types of yarn, and then they get sent off to then be given to children, or to be given to someone I know who can use it.

Since I graduated from college three years ago, I have been looking for a job. Beings that I have had a fair amount of time on my hands I have spent a lot of that time working on sweaters and hats for children in need. It has been in the last three years that my passion and love for the projects I am involved with has really blossomed into what it is now. I find it mind boggling that I have knit up almost twice as many sweaters in the past three years than I had in the first ten years I was knitting sweaters. 

How do I stay inspired to keep knitting these projects? Each time I am going to start a new project I pick out colors that I want to work with, and sometimes, if I have had enough of working on sweaters and hats for kids, I will take a break from them and work on a personal project, and then come back after a week or two and start another one, when I feel like working on one again. 

To those of you who are already following my blog and my Facebook Page, I greatly appreciate your support. 

1 thought on “What kind of a positive impact can one person have?”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I also knit to donate to children and I am sure that your work inspires other.

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