Charity Project Monday

Rose Sweater

Hey Everyone!

This week I have continued working on the size 8 sweater I am working on using a Caron one pound skein of yarn in Rose. As of writing this post I am about half way up working on the sleeves of the front. I am continuing the braided cable up into the sleeves, and it will go until about 5 rows from the top.

I know that the order of what sizes I have been making don’t make a lot of sense. I am mainly trying to knit up a lot more size 6, 8 and 10 sweaters, because I currently only have 12 size 6 sweaters complete, and 11 of each size 8 and 10 sweaters complete where as I have 14 of each size 2 and 4 complete (these numbers are from when I started knitting sweaters until now). I am trying to get my total numbers of each size evened out, so then from there I can make sets (for which there would be one of each size).

For those of you who read my blog regularly, would you be interested in seeing a video on YouTube (in addition to the weekly charity knitting Monday blog post) about each sweater once I get it completed?

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