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Coastal Yarns

Hey Everyone!

Today was a busy day of going to the Beach. Part of the point of the trip today was to go to Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was the last stop before going to dinner then heading home.

As many of you know, I have been getting out and going to new yarn stores that I have never been to before to seek out new yarns that I have never worked with before. Part of this desire is find new yarns to work with, so that I have some pretty awesome hand knit winter items, as moving to some place with cold winters is a goal of mine, and having warm but cute accessories is one of my priorities before I move.

Beings that I had wanted to go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to get some pumpkin butter, I figured I might as well make the trip even more worth while by driving up to Cannon Beach from Tillamook to go to Coastal Yarns. Beings that this is a long weekend, and I had today I planned on going today. It also worked out that one of my friends was able to come with me on this adventure. Unlike some, I don’t spend forever in a day in craft stores. I do like to take my time, and look around before buying something, but I don’t spend an eternity making up my mind.

 Today’s craft store visit, was interesting. The store was small and a little crowded, but had a good selection of local and imported yarns. I like buying yarn from each of the small locally owned yarn shops I visit. I enjoy finding new yarns for personal projects, and I like contributing to the local economy. Today I bought two hanks of Juniper Moon Farm Herriot pure extra – fine baby alpaca yarn, in color #1003, which is a dark teal. The color reminds me a lot of the Todd and Duncan classic 100% Cashmere in sea green that we had at the knitting studio, only a bit darker, and a little bit more blue.

Price wise it seemed more expensive than Happy Knits but about on par with close knit. I paid $44 for two hanks of the baby alpaca yarn, and as I am still new to small craft store shopping, I am still figuring out what is normal for yarn, and what is over priced. 

The one thing that disappointed me was that I was not able to have the two hanks I bought wound into a ball, which means that it is finally time for me to invest in a ball winder for myself. I know, I have been knitting for 15 years and have yet to buy a ball winder. Well it is time that I make that happen, not only for this yarn, but other yarn I have, as well as for future use. I am quickly learning that not every shop will wind hanks of yarn into balls for you. Not having my yarn wound into a ball for me, is not enough to deter me from shopping there again or from recommending it to someone else.

If you are ever in Cannon Beach, Oregon, I would highly recommend this craft store to you if you enjoy knitting or crocheting and are looking for a big city worthy craft store along the northern Oregon Coast, just be prepared to wind your own yarn.

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