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March KnitPicks Haul

Hey Everyone!

UPS finally dropped off my latest KnitPicks order yesterday evening. I had waited for it all day and it didn’t arrive until about a quarter to 6 in the evening. 

In this order I got some more sock yarn so I can knit up more socks this year. In knitting up my first pair of socks, I figured how much Palette yarn I would need to knit up a pair of socks, so I got some more of the colors I had only ordered one ball of in my last order. I also ordered a few more colors to add variety to the mix. 

I also ordered 4 sets of sock blockers, more T pins, some wool wash for my mom, as well as the sample sizes of several of the scents to try. I also ordered more cedar blocks to put in my wool tubs to help protect the woolen products I have made. 

I had also ordered this yarn bowl to set the yarn that I am working with in, to help it pull out better as I am working with it. 

I am pretty well set for the time being for socks and sock yarn. I eventually want to get more sets of sock blockers, but that will wait until I have my own place again, and more room to spread stuff out. 

I am working on socks because I am aiming to do more hiking in the near future and wanted better quality socks for hiking and being outdoors in the cooler months. 

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